Story Writing with Clues

Writing stories with hints

Cards are fine, but turn a card over and write only the first letter of the word. Tags: history - develop English - spoken English - write English history. The bookmaking activity is quick and easy and gives up-and-coming readers an insight into how the illustrations of a story provide contextual information. Write stories from given outlines. The use of clues and secrets in a story is a great way to add mystery and depth.

CSE Class  7 English Writing History

Use the sketches provided to create legible stories: It is proposed that the kitten should have a ringing bells around its neck........................................who should ring the bells? A young girl got up and said: "Let's put a ring around the cat's throat.

Then, when the kitty comes, we listen to the bells and can get out of the way*. Immediately his children went to the field and excavated every piece of ground, but they found no wealth.

And now the children learned what their fathers said about doll. It' bothered his dad. And then one of these days, the dad thought of a scheme. He' s got some of the new ones from the fair. He' also got a bad old cider. He then said to his son: Put these fruits in the closet. The next morning the dad asked his boy to fetch all the potatoes.

He opened the closet and was stunned when he saw that all the trees were lazy. A lazy old man said: "One lazy old man's fruit has corrupted all the good ones. Poor boyfriends are like lazy old trees. The men who worked in the fields and heard the boy's cries came with poles in their hand to chase the beast away.

"Where' s the wolf?" they said. "There' s no wolf," the kid said. But then one of these days, the real witch came. He cried: "Wolf! Wolves! That' re the name of the game. The little mincer kills the kid and his lambs. One time a coward saw a slice of chees. Raised the part in his bill and went to a near-by forest.

All of a sudden he saw the crows and the chunk of chees. Soon, he came up against a plane to outwit the crows. And he said to the crows, "You are a fine one. "The foolhardy crows did not know the fox's gaff. His slice of cheddar dropped.

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