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We' re looking for a talented author who would like to write a short story for one of our products sold on our website. Free-of-charge website for short story writers to test and develop their work. In information and educational projects, arguments/opinions, scientific or narrative projects, the students demonstrate their specialist book competence. "With Story Wars you can create public or private collaborative stories. They can also add other relevant keywords such as horror stories, horror books, etc.

120 most useful websites for writers in 2015

While there are many fancy web pages about typing on the web, it is timeconsuming to rid the decency of the mind-bending awe. Ultimately, authors have to type, not work at Google. That' s why we have compiled a shortlist of sites for authors we think are the best.

If you want to enhance your handicraft or make a successful author you will find these sites useful, interesting, inspirational or simply funny. There are some sites you may have been to and others are under the radar that you are almost certainly not visiting. You say truths are more alien than fantasy, but there is nothing weird about the first-class piece of advising this website about refining your notion.

Begun by two authors of novels who lovably break down the techniques of telling stories, this diary also offers tips on how to browse the commercial side of publishers and self-publishers without having to sell your souls. Revovering stickbroker filmed novel writer Larry Brooks is all about help writer Nagel down storyline in a way that catches the eyes of the prospective editor. provides accessible coaches for authors who want to get individual coauthor' notice from an editor of best-selling handicraft textbooks. In addition, the blogs provide a much-needed grip for nerve-wracking first-time authors. Advisory to authors is a vast compilation of gems of wisdom about craftsmanship from some of the greatest authors in the world.

This page contains a number of quickies to suppress your continuous self-questioning, as well as a "Rules and Commandments" section that contains more comprehensive articles and lists on subjects as diverse as the arts of satirical composition to the semi-colon. Tom Chandler's website gives useful tips on texting - a way of posting with which you can actually (wheeze!) make moneys.

Then, you can plug in those bold piles you made for making a bright line for your client's journal ad and heading into the Caribbean to write your novel the remainder of the year. There' s more to your world than just write? In Donald Miller's storyline blogs it's not just about giving hints about the crafts of scriptblings, it's about the world.

A writer, but also a thinker, Donald Miller's website contains inspiring articles about authors who want to be successful in every aspect of their life. Aventures is like the little puppet that writes web pages. You can unearth the true treasure in this blogs in the Writer's Huddle, an on-line fellowship of workshops, mini-courses and the opportunity to interoperate with other emerging authors who are as eager for debate as you are.

No one has enough spare paperwork. As you know, you have at least enough moaning every single working days that you don't have it. Descriptive exercise is about establishing a everyday practise of typing, even if it is only for a brief while.

It also offers excellent tips for tutors who want to get others inspired. It' a true writing-love festival. Writer2s Digest is more than an ordinary blogs. Sites are like an on-line minimum identifying information about the sexiest competitions, the boot warehouses, garages and seminaries around the web.

Yay, we like to shop! They have also written essays categorised by category, aim and writeability. Now the site draws more than a million hits a year with items about every aspect of the trade and the store you can imagin. Said that their aim is to "equip authors for success" and their tool box is overflowing.

Yes, this website offers a lot of useful information about posting and blogs, but your front page feed is definitely our favourite part of what they do. Writer's Write has found a way to contextualise some of the hottest messages of the days by combining them with tales of well-known writers, making people like us a little more attached to the outside realm.

Built by a group of creators used to getting through the ups and downs of violent typing, Warriors in the Story offers a great mix of contributions that range from creating a characters to the most intense search engine optimization tech. It' a great place for oppressed writer to find a sunbeam.

Only one of those who thinks everyone has the right to do it. The combined podcasts arrive with the very important news that what you type isn't half as important as what you use. We are also a big fans of his Tribe Writers on-line course, because typing can be a very solitary undertaking.

In addition, this digitized edition of the much-loved printed PW journal provides literary experts with well-founded tips for publication and personally supports emerging writer workshop sponsorships in the United States. It is one of the best places to get the most complete and up-to-date lists of competitions for novels.

Though there are tonnes of web-sites out there that feature writers offering script reviews for aspiring writers who are hopeless to get publicized, but C.S. Lakin's Live Script Blooming message we really trustb. Lakin provides a secure haven for new writer looking for tutorials and assistance with a mystery of Credit's guestblogging for some of the most beloved web pages and some impressing self-creation.

The site oversees more than 200 free on-line competitions for poesy and fiction and keeps editors up to date on the ever-changing laws and guidelines. The Prosperous Writer blogs of Christina Katz focus on assisting novelists to assert themselves when they give up seems to be the best and only avenue. She is also in great demand as a "Writer Mamas" section for those girls who pursue their careers alongside their newborns.

The site promotes "practical help for starving writers", which includes the question of how to become a top income earners on one of these professional web sites where most authors are engaged in the odious practices of cutting back on work. Yes, this site will not help you get wealth over night, but the council could legally help you get what you earn.

Some authors just need a big blinking big scarlet arrow that says: Job, over here! The site has a neat little link booklet for legal concerts combined with some very handy blogs about self-marketing. There are no letter-regulations. The Renegade Writer are loved by us because they have broken through and ignored tinned advices and did exactly what worked for them.

Do you have a second letter? There are some funny articles about our secret practices that have persuaded us that they have read our journal. offers one of those big, bold, beautiful listings that explain exactly how much certain sites do. This page just explains that you may not get work directly from browsing their site, but that they can help you to help yourself in the typing at all.

They also have great essays about the best coffeeshops to choose from. Every author who has ever worked his way up a pubny's share on a news store knows the pains of pay-per-click text. Writers at the FFW say, "Let my men go. These is one of the best web sites we have found listing information on typing permits, and they have plenty of leverage connections for competitions and long standing typing as well.

If you are a professional blogger, you can get some great tips from our online bloggers. Waters in Charge offers some great tips on how to get a full-fledged blogs account that will guide at least one author to an amazing life on the web. Free University offers tips on how to get the best coverage for self-employed people, make pension schemes and find great advantages and rebates for their craft.

Is Williesha Morris the little typewriter that could. A freelance author and consultant, she says she was voted one of the best web pages on the web with only 250 fans. Marris says she burst through when she realised she was a great deal more than $20/hour and she has focused her diary on educating composers how to put genuine importance on their work schedule.

The great writer puts everything at risk, and that's what freelance Kelly Gurner aka Cordelia does with her inspiring diary for authors desperately looking to give up their 9 to 5 post. If you' re faced with the age-old issue of whether to post yourself or browse through the apparently impractical realm of publication through an incumbent distributor, this website is the place to be.

In the past, self-publishing was considered down by "real" authors, but today many self-published works have become legal best-sellers. An astonishing "How to" website for authors who are willing to take the leap. In additon to conventional hints on how to write and edit articles, it also provides special hints on designing, producing and promoting literature.

Writer K.M. Weiland created this site for people who have great thoughts but don't know how to do it. This site also features a webinar for those who want to get in touch with people. Please also have a look at the serial "Most frequent typing errors". Emerging contributors can use this website to obtain high-end copyright, contract and agency counsel.

Nanowrimo. org aims to support authors in designing and implementing an entire novel in just one single months. As well as the scheduling utilities, this site offers a social networking platform that' s full of folks like you who are trying out things of beautyness in 30 or less despair.

When you are a bloogger, use everything from Neil Patel as he provides an unbelievable amount of free resource. Test out his Food Secrets blogs Challenge too: he is aiming to earn $100,000 within a year, and starts a new blogs scrape (without letting his own name take effect).

Teaching himself how to blog after he was dismissed from his normal work in 2008, he now shared all the advice and suggestions he learned with his faithful peep-pack. It' a resourceful blogs. One of the greatest villains on the web (his words, but we don't disagree), Jon Morrow, and blogs who want to create persuasive blogs would be well serve if they looked at his site.

Everything from hints to instructions and much more, you will find a plethora of information to help you increase the value and volume of your blogs. Tyrann is a 27-year-old Australian by the name of Ramsay Taplin and offers many great resource, especially for those who want to post a blogs but don't really know how to do it (e.g. beginners).

Take his advise and you may be able to work from home, go abroad every year and never get another piece of cardboard from work in an agency. Obviously you have to create great contents to get a link, but you still need a great deal of strategies to build a link, such as online marketing, and outreaching.

Any of the initial blogs advisor sites, Problogger entertains an unbelievably loyal following on the Internet. Established by Darren Rose, Problogger has a variety of feature articles that give a number of prospects on large scale typing, blogs promoting and monetizing. Gathering expertise and expertise is indispensable when it comes to blogs (bloggers are made, not borne after all).

Using our everyday blogs hints you have easy and fast links to our everyday news. Examine out 28 ways to make money with your websites for some kreative ways to monetise it. try to really author impressive content) need to visit this site.

It is a Sophie Lizard diary about posting cash on other people's weblogs (instead of having a website on which the above sites focus). You' ll find out what sites are paying for postings, how to deal with customers, how to price yourself and what makes a great freelancer diary, including great things.

Featuring a podcast, book, tips, and a wealth of article content, you'll quickly find the simple way to address these confusing (and often insanely obscure) grammatical constraints and demands. Gramarly is an on-line spelling check that says it is 10 times more efficient than your text-processing. Writing has a good chance of you having some trembling modifications or decimal point splicing, and this utility might just be good enough to capture them.

Irrespective of how long you have been a novelist, there is always something new to be learned about the technological skills of written in England. Embroiderers will like this page! Forward is a typeface with information about good typing styles and practice, as well as good language and language. Take a look at Melissa's contribution The 22 Best Tips Ever to get inspired.

Designed by Purdue University, the award-winning purpose of the purpose of the Purdue Lab is to provide a great source for authors who want to understand better the grammatical and referential vocabulary of the field. If you are doing a diploma dissertation, a company paper or simply an e-mail, the authors should have a good grasp of all things that have to do with gramar. supports a basic written form of German, or, as she says, "the knowledge of basic words, where to place them and how to use them correctly".

You have how-to-messages, tutorial videos, a vocabulary and more. If you are a student who need thesis drafting service for editors, it will give you the guidelines and guidelines you need to review your own work. The website promotes a" Neverending on line writers' conference" with specific workshop to create a digitally generated questionaire and the first two pages of a textbook, with feedbacks from genuine frahlings and other people.

The free write communities offer publishers an on-line repository that makes it easier to collaborate and get input from other write. Your "read a newbie" section is a great place for contributors to get feedbacks without having to spend a lot of money on a specialist journalist. The YWO does not say exactly how "young" you have to be to join the "Young Writers" forums.

Rather, it is about building a supporting fellowship for novelists new to the written and published worlds. The purpose of this website is to promote the spirit of creativity rather than to share the consultancy of large companies. Browse the surveys every week and get in touch with people all over the globe. Writer MacAllister Stone encouraged the writer to "write harsh.

Make it real. Keep writing. "This information page provides a comprehensive listing of ressources, which includes agent related hyperlinks, on-line courses, testimonials and recommended use. There is more to this site than just a supporting fellowship of women novelists. With its own dedicated media, She Watches guides selected editors through the whole development, adaptation and publication of their work for the mass market - an appealing choice for those who want to prevent dealings with large publishers.

When you are ready to throw in a little bit of overtime to criticize other authors, you can use this page to write your own free articles. Or for a small charge, authors can publish their own work immediately. Loving CC because they appeal to neurosis authors who are concerned about the security of being able to share their work on-line and the ability to conceal your history when you've got all the feedbacks you want.

Featuring more than 45,000 members, this on-line fellowship offers next-generation media reviews of literature, non-fiction, poems, screenplays, jobs, gaming and a business-free chatsroom. Not only is he one of the most productive and succesful authors of our age. He is also one of the leading authority on author.

Its website contains a comprehensive listing of his works as well as a preview of upcoming fonts, videos and audios with author suggestions and a dedicated index for those of us who are possessed by the Dark Tower family. One of the most renowned illustrators and cartoon authors of the moment, Neil Gaiman's website contains a magazine feeder with photographs and inner testimonials of his journeys around the globe and private times at home.

From housewife to the global phenomena, when her "Twilight" novel was torn out of the mud heap by a publisher and directly to the top of the NY Times bestseller list. Check out her website for updates on her performances, coming work and a diary with hints for authors who want to get away from it all.

To New Writer's item is also a beaut. Their own "diary" page contains funny contributions that pay homage to the character who made them a super star in that time. Anybody looking for extra ways to earn money will welcome the information, hints and strategies offered by this website. Freelance, blogging and contentmarketing authors should all consult this multi-purpose website, which specialises in website designing and copying.

Your blogs have more than 1,000 items focused on news publishing, web publishing, free-lancing and other small businesses. The All Indie writer is a great source for professionals who want to develop a prosperous work. Joenniffer Mattern has created a website that offers advices, hints, resources as well as a fellowship to help free-lance authors, freelancers and blogs.

Have a look at the list of (paying) freelancers. Previously Created as Folk, Laura Simms' own website will help authors (and others) to find or work. No matter if you just want to change to write or broaden your present job, Laura will make sure that you get the help you need to achieve your objectives.

A prizewinning writer whose website, The Creativ Penn, provides professional creatives with a resource for authoring, editing and selling their work ( (more than 1000 stories and over 100 lessons of sound and more). Tharp has a wealth of ressources (including Blogposts, eBooks and Videoresponses ) for those who want to become better freelancers and start a profitable career.

Check out their free eBooks that give counsel on being a successfull independent author. Businessmen who are interested in a typing shop or at least want to increase their regular incomes will enjoy Karen Marston's hints and advices. And for something else, see her 5-week course on becoming a freelancing author.

Novel is now an on-line typing group and a step-by-step typing proces. New members can now join small groups and receive typing feedbacks and an additional tutor for additional input, instruction and motivations. Now Novel is a biweekly diary with hints on how to publish a work.

Accessible from the Writer's Digest website, this diary contains information about Frahlingen, Frahlinguren, inquiry mail, entries, publications, authoring platforms, and more. Authors looking for an agency only need to go to the AAR website to find more than 400 professionals willing to work with you to help you reach your objectives in the publication of this novel or game.

Authors must ensure that this website is added to their link list. Frahling Chip MacGregor offers a wide range of information and publication sources specifically designed for the shrine to help you on your travels. Then the Nelson Literature Agency Pub Rants diary will tell you a lot about questions, authors, the publisher and more.

So if you've ever fought to find the right writer's spy or someone to answer you in time, you'll really like this site. Are you a new writer, new to the world of publication, or simply want a little specialist advice, you should have a look at this Fr.

Here you will find plenty of information, entries and coachings to help you publish your letter. The thriller writer will appreciate this club where they can find mentorship, training, appreciation and support for their work. Sci-Fi composers are a unique race and this club blogs will help you to have all the instruction, know-how and experience of bestselling composers at hand.

Explore hints, prizes and more by browsing this diary. Visiting their website will help you to enhance your typing and find the inspirations and instructions that only other authors can do. Woman who write thrillers have a club that will help them write.

Here you will find assistance, consulting and network ing-ideas to promote your vocational growth and your typing-careers. This website, devoted to the promotion of historic literature, will help you awaken your enthusiasm for the art form and encourage yourself to produce the works that will make you known as a publisher.

Journalists and gruesome readership can join this organization to keep up to date with the latest headlines, publications, fellowships, accolades and testimonials with gruesome writer. Composers can contact other non-fiction publishers, find out about publication options and share information as members of the authors' group. Romantic novelists will find everything they need when they join this group.

Like most things in today's web era, authors must also be looking for scammers and carnivores. The site draws attention to intriguers and fraudsters and provides a plethora of information on how authors can be protected. To be able to find out whether a particular store is a good choice or one that authors should shun is a great extra, and this is exactly what Prodators & Editors offers.

Fill with information and insight from others who have already been incinerated, this site will help authors use the shared expertise of others to ensure that they don't end up being cheated. Authors like to be recognized for their work, whether through prestige or perhaps not so well known accolades.

Publish can be a little difficult to comprehend, but publishers can have all the legislation and information they need to safeguard their interests whenever they need it. The site provides information on publication and IP to help you better understanding and safeguard your work. This website, which has been set up to safeguard authors' copyrights and to promote their interests, offers useful tips and support for all kinds of creators and of every genre.

Come back often for the latest information, tips, events and competitions for all authors. The website provides classes to show how creation works in the age of the electronic age and how authors, filmmakers and others with a passion for creation can help themselves and still be new. It provides you with the links, counselling, representation, counselling and training necessary for self-publication and general literacy.

Self-employed authors can often profit from the support when it comes to preserving and enhancing their work. Explore the powers of active participation and find help and counsel with agreements, complaints and much more through an organization committed to the protection and strengthening of self-employed professionals. The Elance is probably the most favourite on-line job where self-employed people can find work.

It is a great way to earn additional money without spending the amount of money and effort needed to go hunting inline. As Elance, free authors can join this plattform to quickly find the project that will enable them to earn money without having to sell themselves to prospective employees. Sign up when you're looking for work and you might find your next long-term job, or at least broaden your skills and learn.

Cramslist is a great way to find write work without having to rely on the platform's commercial models. Browse the advertisements, select the ones you are interested in and make a little more money to complement your earnings in typing or promotion of your novel. If you want to advertise your work, find out the conditions for submission to certain magazines or just want to get insights from like-minded authors, this page will be a must on your mailing lists.

On this page, contributors will find many ways to make money for their performances, but they also have an abundance of information and tips to help them advance their career as freelance contributors and write. You will also find a number of ressources to help you build your typing businesses.

The website of this author market place offers submissions, freelance contributions, competitions and work. You will also find a wealth of ressources, hints, tricks and advices to help you advance your careers as a freelance author and freelancer to help you enhance your work and get higher rewards for the work. Freelance professionals looking for expertise and higher payment options will appreciate this market place.

Describe the areas in which you have specialist expertise, work on appearances that cost significantly more than pence and work with a single location to promote your talent. Authors build their own world, but the possibility of looking at the world they are living in through someone else's eye can be priceless.

Have a look at this website of Maria Popova and let yourself be inspire by the teachings of another author, which he has learnt in the processes of life and work. Authors are enthusiastic about many things beyond the written word, but this website allows you to connect your passion for the written word with your passion so that you can spread it around the know.

The website has a wide range of input requests, tutorials, tools, essay and other resource that will help you move your typing forward (and maybe have some enjoyment). Authors will appreciate the inspirations and humour of these quotations on this page and how they can influence their work.

It is no mystery that authors are reading, but these novels can take up a lot of time. If you need a pause from typing, this competition, which only needs one phrase for submitting, is a welcome pause that allows you to re-discover the pleasure of putting words together without having to finish the job for hundreds of thousands of them.

Don't be afraid, you're not alone - come to GrammarBlog and see the spelling and misuse that make other authors and words enthusiasts think of interesting new ways of torturing every single moment they see certain inaccuracies. Authors like words and with Free Rice you can show your mastery of these words while helping the ardent.

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