Story Writing using given words

Word-for-word story writing

It' a short story with specific words. To make a story with a certain list of words requires not only imagination but also skill. Write a story with what you have learned. Familiarize yourself with the published landscape of writing in your chosen field, be it modern poetry, literary fiction, thriller, short stories or fantasy. If you share the stories that have changed your life, your words have an effect.

Stories enjoyment - writing a imaginative storyline with given words

During their midday break Shanthi and her boyfriends talk on the campus. I was always feeling tired of hearing the cipher from our collegiate instructors because they only represented us with it and not with our name and as a member of our group I asked them why.

You said it is easily remembered as the name. So, we have to endure this for another months, because we will end our schooling there. Simultaneously I really don't really like feeding our farewell from school because we will miss this lifetime afterwards and everything works like a bike through the organ.

Oh, you went to the end of your studies, but we have our projecttraining ahead of us, which is really a frantic work. Until the midday recess is over and everyone has gone to their classroom and is occupied with organizing their school.

Responsible for the assignment gave advice and suggestions for improvising their work and asked about the locations of their work. They noted down their themes and created a diagram. The person responsible in turn asked the spokesperson to review the table to be checked by the pupils and to make a notes of any possible adjustments.

Everyone was amazed to read that there is only one plan that really cares, and then the whole group was paid off with a notice that everyone will come together with the plan at the end of the next week. At the end of a months, everyone went back to school and felt fortunate to see my boyfriends and my teacher, and again the sales girl remembered her words about the teacher, which she did not call by name, and said she could understand the bond of her teacher, even if they did not call her by name, because in other places everyone is mechanised, even if he calls her by name, and knew that the lives of the pupils are very good and not the lives of employees elsewhere.

Each student is debated about the work and their report is presented, and everyone is interested in seeing the only person who has chosen a life work, and it's their turn and every corporeal blushes to see a'robot' that looks exactly like their responsible work and flashes the name of each of their bodies with a flashing red-blue.

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