Story Writing Topics with Hints

Themes with hints for story writing

The answers to these questions have nothing to do with our topic. If you read extensively, you will find that your mind is full of ideas. The worksheets in the third grade help children develop their voices as writers. These are some tips to help you. I do not allow my children to cope with the pace of the subjects taught in class.

Story-writing topic notes, sample quizzes

Create a story on the basis of the contours given below and also give a matching name for your story: Once upon a time there was a wealthy old woman who had a deadly collision and was blind. After her eyesight examination, she asked a physician to tell her that her eyesight could be repaired, but the procedure was expensive and it would take several working nights for her eyesight to be healed.

She accepted the proviso that she would only be paying the honorarium if she were healed, but she would not be paying a cent if she did not get her visions back. Then the physician approved her and began to treat her. He' put some cream on her eye and blindfolded her for a few nights.

He was a crooked man. He had his eye on the precious items and precious pieces of furnishings in the lady's home. Not being able to see, the woman began to steal something from the home every single second. Finally the days came when the physician had to take the dressing out of the woman's sight when she was healed.

But the wise woman declined to accept his payment. She was taken to the courthouse by the physician. Judges asked the woman why she did not make the payment. She answered that she had not quite attained her eyesight, as she could not see some items and pieces of furnishings in her shelter.

Soon after the court realized that the physician had taken them. The man found the physician responsible. Then he pronounced the sentence in favor of the woman and the physician was fined for theft. Create a story on the basis of the story below and give your story an appropriate title:

You' been to your uncles Roger's place to receive his blessing on your anniversary. And the woman gave him her blessing and asked him for candy. Create a story on the basis of the contours given below and also give a matching name for your story: Completes the story and gives it a name.

There was heavy rain, the lanterns had gone out and I returned home after the Long Night Show. Type the story starting with the following line and give it a name. On the evening before the Inter-School dramatics contest I practiced my dialogue until well into the evening........

On the eve of the inter-school playwriting contest, I practiced my dialogue till well into the evening. I then went into my home, but couldn't focus because of the great moments in my head.

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