Story Writing Template

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Story-planning templates serve as food for thought for creative writing. We used the Plot Point Sentence Starter template in our previous step. Then the students create their own "Choose Your Own Adventure" story. The students will insert the story into a presentation software or use the paper template. It will help you answer questions and start with your new story or book.

KS1 Teaching aids and printed matter for fiction and storylines

An array of print-able assets with different storyline preferences. Contains large A4 images along with empty wordmats so kids can include their own words associated with a narrative. Ideal for fostering debate and encouraging creativity in typing. An A4 poster pack of 16 cards with storyline shots and character encouragement for the young.

An awesome series of 18 A4 sized placards with different tales among them woods, rooms, haunted houses, submarines, themed parks, the sea and more. This is a bunch of printed prompts that can be used as a suggestion for creatively plotting your own tales (2 per A4 page). Poster with questions and visual hints. A4 portrait and horizontal format margins with some easy to read narrative holes to encourage kids to write their own narratives.

Contains Microsoft Word documents and JPG pictures that can be resized. A4 portrait and horizontal format margins with some easy to read narrative holes to encourage kids to write their own narratives. This is a deck of printed maps with various easy beginnings and sentences to help kids write their own tales. This is a useful deck of printed maps with different words to describe your feelings.

Ideal for use in a workbench/wall in the office to improve children's typing. This is a print-out of words to describe different feelings. It' great as an invitation to improve children's typing. This is a series of print-out documents for kids who have written good literature. Printed cube meshes for creating your own storyline cubes.

Ideal for inviting students to tell their own tales about the character on the cubes. Print-able cube meshes to make your own storyline cubes. It' great as an inspiration for plotting tales. Printed cute and evil faces with addicts and advisers that help kids describe their character and way of speaking.

This is a print-out of useful words to describe beautiful and evil tales. This is a collection of easy to print pages for designing a storyline with different fictitious styles. This is a series of A4 printed poster with short fairy tale event overviews. This series of easy-to-follow posts with some characteristic opening words for folk tales.

This series of placards with some characteristic final sentences for folk tales. An easy to print tipps and tricks to write your own tales. This is a brillant kit of tools to discuss stereotype figures such as pirates, policemen, burglars, princesses, witches, magicians, aliens, and more. Easy spreadsheets to help students create character themes for their storylines.

Ideal as a graphic tool for your creativity pen in the class room. A visualisation tool A4 that reminds students how to organise their histories. An extensive pictorial help to help students remember how to organize their histories. Numerous magic wand words in a magical way. Ideal as a graphic help when plotting magician tales.

Ideal for use in classrooms as story-writing prompt or starting point for discussions. This series of portraits contains the most important literary genre definition, among them Historical Film, Humour, Romanticism, Science Film, Adventure, Horror and more. Printed banner for your text genre walls. Printed billboard headlines for your genre's text on your walls.

Print-ready cues for your Narrative Editing screen. Printer-ready posters for your schoolroom. Print over 3 horizontal pages for your imaginative screen in class. This is a 3 page horizontal format text for your classroom'Imaginative Writing' scoreboard. An imaginative wording for your school.

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