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Software for writing stories

We writers sometimes need a little push to realize our writing projects. That is the story of writing the Free Software song. One immediately gets a feeling for who is interested in this story, what it wants and why it wants it. Aims of your unfolding story. Use the built-in StoryO template or create your own themes and questions to match your various writing projects.

New, free writing software for writing a textbook.

The programme is named ADAMAZING! It began the whole year with a million snapshots in different places on my notebook and iPad, a million thoughts in my mind and no clue how to put everything in a convincing work. Having tried a few other writing applications that just didn't click with me, I set up copywriter5 and began to divide my countless thoughts into specific sections and sequences.

It ended the days with a well-organized plan, a clear feeling of where I'm going, and an immense amount of optimism that I can get through this work. Today I must have shook my mind five notches when I used this software - "What?

" "Whoa - from what I just type, did this detailled storyboard just create itself? "J "J.L. "After 20 years in the IT industry, I have become deeply appreciative of programmes that do a certain kind of work, then they do it better than anything else. yWriter5 suits this group.

" D.J. "In my 26 years as a software engineer and advisor, it is very unusual to find an app with such a marvelous blend of functional style, ease of use and effectiveness. "D "D.B. "I ignored the thought that your software is for novelists and began writing my work.

Sections and memos were simple to put together. I used the scenery idea to organise ideas in the sections. Since I have been part of many writing technology development programs, I have never seen such software before. So how many 100 hrs of writing have we spent making your software so simple?

" M. C. "I have also tried many, many other apps, both free and paid, but not one comes close to yWriter. It' the only writing tool that hasn't stopped me from throwing the computer through the next screen in a frustrated state. "P "P.R. "I just download and started using yWriter 4 last evening.

I tried many writing tools because I knew that my biggest challenge was to organize the writing process. Not one of the other programmes worked. There is no way I can even begin to verbalise the ease I experience when working with this programme. "A. L. "I download copy of Y Writer3 last weekend and just wanted to let you know that I think it's the best sketching utility there is.

" R. F. "I would like to tell you what a delight it is to use Ywriter 3. I' ve seen some other big software and I' m sure they're pointless because "over engineering" takes even the smallest detail before you can do anything. Thank you for Ywriter 3 and keep it tidy!

" D.S. "I just wanted to say thank you and congratulate you on creating the best text editors I was allowed to use. yWriter has a great way to organize different data for the same story (and the broken way I type makes it unbelievably useful); it's easy, clear and efficient.

Because it' a free application, I greet you. "In all honesty, I've tried almost every single thing on the web, free demonstrations, and nothing comes anywhere near the easy, straightforward effectiveness of yWriter. It seems to me that this software was created by someone who really understood the writing processes and who others just state.

There are so many applications trying to disrupt everything, some even seem to want to create the script for you. I' m amazed that it's free because it's great and I'm sure many others will appreciate this great software. "K "K.W. "Kudos, I like your programme! Beginning to create a story with the "big" text editor, I saved it in chapters and lost the overview of what I had been writing in each of them.

As I changed things a little, it was a big problem to maintain consistency from one section to the next. Their software is intuitively simple to use and keeps things organised so that even large changes in the plots are not overlooked. Thanks for taking the trouble and energy to create such a useful programme.

This is a year of research, a year of bloodshed with text processing programs and a whole heap of what is known as "writer's software". I then found yWriter and moved all my comments, chapter, characters and all the confusion together for the first case, AND THIS SOFTWARE IS FREE! Well, I just think its a bloodied good bit of software and it drew my confusion of a script into form.

I' ve used yWriter to draw everything together and then export the ready to Open Office to format and print it. The mistakes every up-and-coming author makes are the tracking of all releases, misstarts, notes, designs and other things we do. All would-be authors..... a copy of Simon's application, use it and run WRITING.

Absolutely, Simon, thanks for an ingenious software that is useful, works and is free. "M. C. "What a great software your yWriter is! It' s straightforward and straightforward to use.

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