Story Writing in English

Writing Story in English

As a friend in need is a friend indeed. Weltliteratur in English language. Our creative authors are fully focused on fulfilling their task of writing a story with full commitment, at low prices and with time. This course develops your English skills by reading and writing personal stories. Locate freelance specialists for writing short stories in English and outsource your project.

LearnEnglish for Teenagers

Take a look at the story and do the tutorials to help you develop your writing abilities. You tell us about the last important test you had. Did you learn a lot? It is the admission examination of the university..... 3 week later. Im utterly jittery and I think I'm losing my faith... I study so hard but recently I'm very sleepy and sometimes I think I can't study anymore... its so strong please be praying for me...

My last test was mathematics, I was neither frightened nor strained because I had been preparing for it for week after week. Thankfully it was simple, there were 14 points for the functions and 6 points for the trig.

I' ll have to hand in a literal analytical document on US readings in a few working days. Well, I can't. Although I've been attending the two examinations for a whole months, I don't think I'm well-trained, because every few times I take exercise examinations I confuse a series of issues.

My basis in English is not very good, as I have only been learning English for two years. Although this is putting me under a great deal of stress right now, I'm really trying to really appreciate that I'm still around and have the opportunity to be challenging as a sophomore.

Last one and a half months ago I felt a little bit of a bellybutton in my belly when I had to get over the literary test. I remembered the night before this test burning the middlenight fuel to get through the test with the flesh of my skull.

Unfortunately, the one I accidentally took was very moving, thoughtful,....and I was absolutely thrilled with each page, first, 10 pages - I pledged that I would only study 10 pages, but I can't....20 pages, can't stop perusing 50 pages,....finally 323 pages. However, that was not all, after I finished this volume, I am still looking for many titles on the same subject.... I ignored the preparations for the examination entirely and justifies that "learning is a long procedure, does not take place and changes overnight, I will fall down anyway".

Suddenly I suspected I would fall (it's a big shock if I passed the exam) and worked on passing it again.... But luck smiles at me:). Had an important test a few month ago. This was an English test. And I was very jittery and thought I couldn't; I passed my test.

Before my examination I did not go to university because my knowledge of English was good enough for my speech examination. I forgot how to talk in English when I started my English test, I was really excited, but my instructor said one important thing to me. I know you can, I've listened to your English a long way during our lessons and I know you can use it.

Those words made me more self-assured and I pass my test. I am really lucky now because after this vacation I can go to arts and designs classes and go there because I made it. Sometimes I miss my exams, but I always do it well. In spite of your tough work for your test, do you sometimes miss the test?

I' ve never forgotten my test last year, I was very excited when the date came, but at the same moment I was very upset. I' m reworking it, but this kind of pressure is in me every three workdays. I' m worried if I passed an entrance test in any discipline, only if I don't do well.

I' ve only had a very important test last weekend. It'?s so difficult, but it?s very important to me. I' ve learned so much. Same thing and the next two races, i.e. the last two tests. I' ve just had a very important test last months, and this months from April 14 to 16 I will be the most important test in my live, it's my graduation test in college!

I' ve studied very harshly, I make a great effort to study English, German, Indonesian and maths (I don't really like math), like Dimitri I wish I could do. HAPPINESS with your graduation.

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