Story Writing for Class 6

Stories for Class 6

Complimentary notes for 6th grade English Story Writing. Hints for the 6th grade English Story Writing. Shorthorse Creativity Writing - 6 Degree History Looking at my palm, I felt as if a stone had fallen off my shoulder. However, instead of a goat and my shoulder it was my ring and my hands..

. My mouth was falling and my breasts were leaving me when I was looking at my butt. He didn't have a ring on him.

And I felt my fiancée's voice fall when I saw her. He' d be shattered if he didn't see it anymore, but there was no chance of him now. When I saw that my feet were on something shining, I was looking down. Then I blinked down and lifted up the silvery ring that was under my ankles.

This ring was kept with a cristal in the center and I felt terrible for the one who dropped it. Looks like it cost a lot. So I put it in my bag and went to work. When I got to the little dinner, I put my hands in my bag to get the ring back and show my chef how much it was.

I had my hands searched every inch of my bag, but the ring was now in view. Must have dropped out of the little opening in the bottom of the bag. I' ve put my little gripping wrist around the ring. I' ve dropped my own daughter's ring.

but I couldn't find it anywhere. Looking at my daugher, I lied to her face and said that I put her away because she was so valuable to me. When I saw the ring falling out of women's hands, I knew I should have given it back, but I couldn't.

Couldn't give up her precious ring. and a policeman ran down the road to us. Whoa.... a cristal ring. There was a silvery ribbon with a crystalline rock at the top. So I grabbed it and I went home.

I was curious, he glanced at me and I stretched out my ring to him and showed his shimmer. So he turned his curious mind aside and gulped the ring. As if nothing had happend, he glanced at me when I gazed down at him in shock.

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