Story Writing Competition

Stories Writing Competition

Write Commonwealth class history contest winners. Every month we will give you a prompt, but how it goes on depends entirely on you. The most important competitive conditions for short stories. We' ve had some fantastic entries for this year's SPS Story Contest, well done for all who took part. More about the John O'Connor Writing School Short Story Competition.

This task

Call to all Key Stage Two instructors with prospective young authors! On the occasion of World Book Day (Thursday, 1 March 2018) and the introduction of our Twinkl Originals for Key Stage 2, we invite 7-11 year olds from the UK and Ireland to show off their story writing skills.

With our Story Starter, kids should be able to create the remainder of a story about two of our all-new Twinkl Originals personalities, Charlie and Tilda Hacker. Learn more about one of the hackers' earlier antics in Roman Rescue or take a look at some of our other Twinkl Genuine Tales for KS2.

Use our Story Mountain Planning Sheet and our Entrance Submission Writing Frames to create and inspiration for your children's own storyboard. Contributions will be short-listed and evaluated by members of our Twinkl writing group. There will be one prize selected from each of the categories, the story of which will be illustratively presented and created by our friendly staff and then posted on our website.

Participants are eligible for a certificate of participation. Please click on one of the following icons for useful information, input form and other suggestions: Instructors are allowed to enter a max of three submissions per group. Eligible to participate are all UK and Irish schoolteachers. Closing date for applications is Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Every story should not exceed 1000 words or two pages of A4. Writing should be exclusively the child's own work, even if the preparations may have been assisted during class. Winner's first name, the name of the winner's college and the entry will be posted on the Twinkl website. Winners' contributions will then be available for immediate viewing on the Twinkl website.

Unfortunately, we cannot send back any records. Mail to:: For each story you submit, please complete and enclose the appropriate registration forms.

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