Story Writing Class 10 Examples

Copywriting Class 10 Examples

Winner contributions from students aged 7 to 10 years. Scriptwriting 1 CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing. It' important to finish a story. Setting the context; introducing characters;

developing action(s); reaching a climax; ending the story. Ten ways to improve your creative writing.

CSE Grade 10 English Main Course Book Writing with Grammar Story Writing

The story is a narrative of a series of fiction that conveys a sense of morality. - High point of history. One Sunday when I was on my terrace having a nice glass of coffee, I felt a sore throat. Just give me a little more in.

He' been so used to me the whole way. All of a sudden a thought came to my mind: You have to be alive. All of a sudden, my eye caught on the cell on the desk near there. Later I learned that I had been taken to a multi-specialty clinic in an emergency car.

All of a sudden I hear a scream. So I took the flare and headed to my neighbour's home. So I resigned and began to think about my next move. That'?s when I could hear a motorcycle coming closer. I' ve been telling you the whole story. All of a sudden, the entire area was lit up when the electricity was restored.

Compose a story in about 150-200 words based on the sketches provided: He' asked the Department of Corrections for a lesson in cantonese. and began to lead an honorable existence. Everybody was sound sleeping while I was rehearsing... now. There was a noisy accident.

Jumping out of my bunk, I hurried out to see the cause of that noise. There were other folks who had come out of their homes after they heard the noise. Everyone began to help the wounded in no time. In the shortest possible period of timeframe, the paramedics arrived. I went inside, but I couldn't practise because of the great shots that flashed in my head.

Completes the story in about 150-200 words. All of a sudden Meena was reminiscent of her mother's teachings not to lose her intellect and the vigilance of the spirit when she is in the moment of need. All of a sudden she bite the foreigner in his arms. Now it was the foreigner's turn to call for help. Soon after, the cops arrived and detained the man.

All of a sudden I was noisy. Then I walked again. Once again I could hear a noise. On this occasion I heared a cry of soreness. So I grabbed my mobile and turned on the flare and began to blink. Then I realized the tone was on my lefthand side.

but I took heart and went towards the sounds that gave me goose bumps. When he asked, he said he had pulled over under the trees and was awaiting the stop of the rains when two men came out of the darkness on a bicycle.

Like it wasn't enough, a gale began to blow. There was no need for an emergency medical evacuation. There' s a story here that clearly outlines it. Jumping out of my bunk at 12:00 when I hear sounds of opening a front porch doors. Instead, I silently went out onto the patio from where the sound came.

And then we all went up to the patio to grab the thief. Because of our vigilance and our readiness of thought, the bandit could not take anything away from us. Using the following points along with your own thoughts, make a story in about 150-200 words.

Name the story aptly. There once was an old wealthy woman who went astray. After the examination, she asked a physician to tell her that her eyesight could be repaired but would cost a large surcharge. She accepted the proviso that she would only be paying the fees if she were healed, but she would not be paying anything if she did not get her ordeal.

Doctors have begun their work. He was a crooked man. Since the woman was blindfolded, he began to remove something or the other from the home every single working night without the lady's cognizance. Finally, the date came when the woman was healed. He asked for his fee, but the woman declined to help and said that her healing was not intact.

Doctors took the woman to the courthouse. She was asked by the judge why the fee had not been paid. She said her eyesight was not regained because she could not see the furnishings in her home. The man found the physician responsible. This case was ruled in favor of the old woman and the physician was penalized.

There was a sound in your room last night. Been there. In about 150 words, tell a story about what was happening then. Around 2 p.m. I could hear a sound in my room. All of a sudden I had an notion because I couldn't make any sound to draw the thief's attention to my being there.

At this point I had decided to beat him with the bottled drink next to my bedside. Create an ingenious story in about 150-200 words: All of a sudden I realized he was starving. All of a sudden I saw a smiling face. It made some weird noises and began to jump.

When the spacecraft began to take off, there was a crash. Once there was a man who felt the sudden need to see his old guru.

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