Story Writing Book

Writing Story Book

" First Story is a very exciting idea. You can download the activity sheets from the Story Writing with Arthur manual. Title/cover, story overview, objectives, lesson links & black line masters. Storytelling adds another dimension to our writing. We are a home for adults who follow the desire and dream to write a book.

What ? What?s Your Story? No.

What Courses for 13-19 year olds: What's Your History? is hosting a Scottish Literacy and Graphic Design Day event. Professionals, authors, illustrators, authors, speakers, poets, authors and more offer tens of tailor-made workshop sessions to improve your literacy and illustrating abilities, your self-confidence and your literacy know-how. Created and organized each year by the development program's teenagers, Storicon is a unique way to get together and share moments of creativity in typing and illustrations with other teenagers.

Participation in StoryCon is free and lunches are provided. As many as 200 young people can take part in our Central Glasgow meeting from 23 to 24 June 2018. StoryCon 2018 can currently be booked! What?s Your Story? offers free assistance in the field of graphic design to all 13-19 year old authors and graphic designers in Scotland.

We promote, present and promote the creativity of teens in their work. Join our What?s Your Story Fellowship is free for all teens and allows you to send in your work for free and for the opportunity to receive expert reviews and be featured in our online magazine. Every autumn, we invite young Scottish residents between 14 and 17 years of age who are interested in creativity in any way to join us at the "What's Your History?

Development program Demonstrate your enthusiasm for creativity in typing and illustrations. Describe why young people's life should include creativity in typing and illustrations. Willingness to help us to provide more young adults with the Scottish literature industry and cultural heritage.

Based on these criterions we choose a fistful of students from all over Scotland from fantastic entries and these young people get a complete "crash course" in life and work as authors and graphic artists in Scotland. These include being professionally and creatively supervised, taking a break from a recreational event and the opportunity to explore new possibilities such as StoryCon for their teenage colleagues.

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