Story Writing Apps for Pc

PC Story Writing Apps

The software wasn't much more than a word-based program that doesn't inspire me to write a story. Compatible with Mac, PC and iPad. There is also a PC version available.

Follow the contributions on your PC!

Follow the contributions on your PC! The Story Tracker makes it easier for you to follow your entries, whether they are a story, a novel, a poem, a script or an article. So whether you're a free-lance author, hobby author, or something in between, Story Tracker is a great way to complement your writing workspace. There are many periodicals, magazins or other marketplaces where you cannot submit your work at the same time.

If you juggle tens or even hundred of tales, it's hard to make an awkward one. Maintaining an overview can quickly turn into a bad dream. Would you like to follow your contributions on the road? Move your databases to and from Story Tracker to your iPhone, iPad or iPod tou (available on the iPhone App Store).

For the time being, the downloaded edition will run in an non-registered test modus, which is restricted to 5 histories, 5 stores and 5 entries. There is only one allowable data base windows and the data base export is deactivated. Here is what you can do with Story Tracker: Follow the entries of all your texts: histories, poems, fiction, essays, scripts, scenarios and much more.

Save detail and policy for any magazine, publisher, magazine, agency, website, film studio or even one-off writing competition or anthology that accepts inscriptions. Review the state of your histories, stores and entries at a single view. You can use the Browse box to browse for items, stores and entry listings to quickly find what you are looking for.

Organize your story and market by titles, genres or states, organize your market by deadlines and organize your posts by date or state. Easily include story detail, titles, word counts, genres, and memos. Look at the overall revenue for each story. Drunk " tales to suppress them when submitting entries from the storyboard.

Browse the entry histories for each story or every fair. Customize each store, adding detail for titles, genres, editors, and more. Those stores that are nearing the date are emphasized on the store schedule. Start your marketing sites or e-mail application directly from the marketing detail window. Enclosed stores are excluded from the store listing when you create one.

Display the reply timings for each deposit. Attach detail for each filing, which includes history, markets and due/response date, retired state, earnings and notices. Reply due amounts are either recalculated or can be overwritten on the basis of the reaction rate and shipping date. Overdue entries will be marked in the entry form.

Copy histories, fairs or entries. Keep an eye on your databases statistics. Publish histories, marketing or entry listings, or information about a specific story, a specific marketing event, or a specific entry. Upload and exports databases via WiFi to Story Tracker on your iPhone, iPad or iPodouch. CSV import/export to move your Story Tracker databases to and from your spreadsheets.

Or you may want to visit the Story Tracker for PC FAQ page. Visit the Facebook page to talk to other supporters about Story Tracker.

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