Story Writing Apps for Android

Android Story Writing Apps

Android Monospace is one of the best free writing applications for Android users. The JotterPad is another good writing program for Android users. Android Writer is a good writing application for Android users. MarketDownX is a text editor app for Android. I tried Scrivener, but it is not portable because there is no Android version.

Top 6 Writing Apps for Android

There is no need for full text processing on your phone, as it will most likely be full of features that will divert you more than anything else. Since the best writing applications for your Android are those with minimum interface and smartphone-specific design, we've searched the Play Store and list the best for you here.

This may be a contentious beginning, as you can combine Microsoft's Microsoft MS Word applications with a variety of sophisticated functions and useless intricacies. And, while you can produce complex and detailled files similar to those you would make on a computer, Microsoft Word is also fast and simple to use if you just want to write something quickly.

It was overhauled by Microsoft a few years ago, and the primary display on which you are writing your docs is now beautiful and small, offering you only essential styleting, highlights, and text snippets. iA Writer is a long-time favorite on old iPhone and OS 9 machines, but it made its Android eco-system d├ębut in 2015 and has quickly become a favorite among Android people.

It has several functions that give it an advantage over all other apps in this block. Comes with full transcription assistance and a thumbnail view that you can view from the monitor. In addition to the creation of your own file, you can connect to Google Drive and Dropbox and it provides real-time synchronisation for both of your service.

You can also save your texts in various file types such as HTML, PDF and MS Word (.docx). The Monospace Writer is a minimalistic application that lets you concentrate on your writing without distraction. It doesn't have as many functions as iA Writer, but it has its own strong points.

We have provided a few step-by-step instructions on how to use the application and the available features. You' ll only get the most elementary formats (e.g. italic, block quotes, bold), but not much more. They can organize related items using hash tags, and export to markdown or clear text is possible.

The Monospace product also offers Dropbox and Google Drive Integrator, but the latter is only available in the Professional edition. The JotterPad presents itself as a minimalistic application for every kind of writing. With a good-looking surface that eliminates all superfluous choices and allows you to concentrate on your job.

Ability to transcribe and format your posts: The JotterPad also includes support for dropbox inclusion, as well as proper typing capabilities and a sleep state. Part of JotterPad's most interesting is that it stores snap shots of your work, which means you can go back to previous releases if you want.

The Writer Plus is another great writing application that has an outstanding review in Plays Store. It' a totally free application that offers several functions that might interest you. You can see the beautiful graphical display with all your items on the vertical side of the page. It' very simple to create a new one; just click on the hovering "+" at the bottom of the page to get to work.

If you use a Blue tooth key, Writer Plus provides support for transcription and hot key formats. Further functions are counting words and characters, undone and redone as well as sleep time. MarkdownX, as the name suggests, is an application specifically developed for those who want to use transcript. You must cross over the page when writing an item to enter thumbnail view but if you have a large tray, you can have a real-time thumbnail that resembles most desk top transcription-editor.

With MarkdownX, you can easily reformat your writing with various top margin formatting features. You can also export to HTML or text only and synchronize with Dropbox. There' s also a parse prefix within the application for those who need to refresh the transcription parse code from there.

No matter which application you decide on, you are sure to enjoy a pleasant writing environment on your Android phone, so try them all to see what you like best.

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