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Writing aids for stories

" Show me, don't tell me" is the most common catchphrase for good writing. The fourth annual national HIV/AIDS youth stories and video competitions. Key words: interactive narrative with open domain - writing aids - natural language generation. A number of students mistakenly believe that writing is spontaneous and. Thoughts on writing with the help of ICT, tools for writing.

There are 22 apps and tools every author should know about

Whilst some may claim that the only tool an writer really needs is a typing machine and a powerful glass of tea, in today's increasing digitally based world the number of applications and technology resources available to authors is overwhelming. No matter whether you're worried about the plots, keeping your research memos organized, or afraid of achieving your day-to-day number of words, you can wager that there's an application specifically developed for that use.

This is our shortlist of 22 applications and utilities that every author should know. Got trapped in a writing trace? Attempt to start your writing sessions with a fast request or merge them with new personalities and scenarios. To be a novelist you need a lot of inspiration, topics and phrases.

As the fountain of creation begins to run out, the nicely crafted random brainstorming application will combine a fundamental storyline, theme, attitude and styles to revive your art. This can be used to stimulate a fast training in flashy fictions, to set fire to brief histories or even to trigger whole scripts or even complete books. One much easier Brainstormer release is the Dash Prompter.

Each time you are prompted, you get a symbol, a preference, and a chart outlines. TheseĀ are often quite fundamental ingenuities, but can be useful for a fast flashy invention writing meeting to get you loosened up. The Story Plot Generator offers not only a place and a special detail that you can build into your story, but also a very clear complexity and goal that, as any author knows, are both core elements of it.

Cubes that help you keep your story in motion by representing conjunction like "and" or "but". We' ve recently asked you about your favorite writing utensils and applications, and you've often said about Pinterest - the graphical exploration game. It is available on almost every plattform and serves as a notebook keeper and research-library.

When you' re on the road on the road and think of an awesome storyline, you can take a note in Evernote and save it to your mobile phones, desktops and any other devices you've synchronized. So if you are an author who really profits from visualizing your story, MindNode might be the right application for you.

Designing even the most complicated story lines will help you by providing a graphical depiction of your idea that starts with a single thought and grows from there. Featuring mindscapes, listings and enumerations to help you keep your thoughts concentrated and organized as you turn them into a legible story.

Relieve yourself of all your grumbling duties and establish your own targets for the entire working days - for example, a one-hour writing lesson. You can watch it anytime, even if you don't have an active web-connect. Plus, it offers multi-user capabilities so you can encourage others (perhaps your critical partner) into your objectives to keep you responsible or just encourage you.

We are always looking for applications to extend our writing times, from the writing code to the brilliant double screen. The Wikipanion application is an excellent research utility that you can use as you write, connecting directly to the Wikipedia server for quick, proactive surfing. Simply get the essential information you need and continue writing.

Scrivener is a high-performance writing utility that inspires the user to work on small pieces of their novel at any given moment, making the whole writing experience much more human. Gather research, order unstructured items, mix and match tabs, Scrivener doesn't tell you how to type - it just makes all the utilities you have distributed on your desktop available in one single program.

It is ideal for multi-tasking writing meetings when a keypad is not readily available - for example, when you drive to pick up the children from class or while you are making supper. Postcards have long been a writing instrument. A cork-board writing application for iPad or iPhone that uses the fairly simple index-file approach and makes it simple to enter, organise and compilate your idea in digital form.

Do you need a soft motivator or perhaps a slightly bullying writing trainer? freedomom was another of your favorites when we asked what applications you couldn't survive without. Do not check your emails, read your whole tweets or google your cat in your hat, this is devoted, continuous writing from its best side.

Denying how much of your day you spent scanning your emails, listening to your whole tweets and Googleing hatted females? The RescueTime shows you with the expectation that if you fully comprehend your everyday life and the delay causes, you will be able to stop it. Elevator is like a writing trainer that lives in your telephone.

This may sound quite dramatic, but this easy but brillantly efficient application is definitely warranted if you are mistaken on the side of postponement during your writing lessons. Its aim is to remove the author's blockade by offering repercussions for hesitation and performance awards. Horrible alerts, images of cobwebs and other scary creatures will frighten you in the worse case and even begin to erase your work if you let it go unsupervised for too long.

Is there a utility we just didn't see on the shortlist that is crucial to your writing world?

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