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Quotatev is a popular website where users can publish not only their stories and serials, but also quizzes, surveys and polls. Emerging and established authors have such websites: The world's largest archive of short stories, fiction and poetry, where writers and readers meet around the globe to share their passion. These are the most scary and bizarre stories told by people who have explored the hidden web pages of the Internet. Designing experiences that put the audience at the heart of the story to drive change for our customers.

Fifteen Most Favorite Fan fiction Sites to Discover

In addition to popular fan-fiction websites, this update also shows ways to find fan-fiction on community networking and exploration pages. Fan fiction (also called fanfic) is a phenomena of the epoch. Fan fiction is thought to make up 33% of all online literary contents.

Fan fiction is any kind of work that has been influenced by movies, TV shows, movies, literature, music and VIP. It has been written and released by supporters of the orginal work. When it is built on an originals work, it usually consists of creating value that the originals could not have. Copyrights are the most delicate subject when it comes to fan fiction.

In order to avoid this, the largest fansite, Intelligent Fantasy, banned in 2003 the creation of tales inspired by true celebs. The most fanfics on the net are free. Kindle Worlds, where you can sell a selection of fans' fictions at the Kindle Store, is the only place to buy legally. One good example of best-selling fantasy is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a 2009 novel by Seth Grahame-Smith that blends contemporary zoomie fantasy with a classical novel by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

You can find several pages listing tales of individual fandom, like Harry Potter or Star Trek. My intention was to integrate pages where you can find fan fiction on different themes, novels, movies as well as comics. A current listing of websites that provide free publications (e-books and audiobooks) that you can freely use.

Gutenberg Project, Europeana, DPLA, Internet Archives, Feedbooks, Open Library and more. Fan Fiction is regarded as the biggest fan fiction archives in the whole wide globe. It was released in October 1998 and currently has well over 2 million unique visitors and offers storytelling in over 30 different language versions. I don't know the overall number of works, but I used Google to guess the overall number of pages posted (not stories) - it's almost 8 million.

At FanFiction you will find tales about almost everything you wish for. You can find fandom films inspired by book, animation and penny-pinching, TV shows, films, plays, musicals, comic strips or a game. In order to give you an impression of how much you can look forward to, the most favorite parts about fan fiction (the number of tales at the moment of this posting ) are: Harry Potter governs them all, but as I said before, you'll find almost everything here.

For example, there are tales written on the road by Jack Kerouac or Nabokov's Lolita. People can track a story when it's serialised, prefer it, write a Review or join a Comunity. In the General alone there are over 10,000 municipalities, above all Edward Cullen and Harry Potter.

It is important that you can read the fan fun story on your cell/cellphone. FanFictionPress is a affiliate of FanFiction. It' a great place to go if you're looking for user-generated storytelling that goes beyondandom. This site is the world's biggest archives of novels, literature and poems.

Quotatev is a favourite website where people can publish not only their own story and serials, but also quiz questions, opinion surveys and videoconvers. Tales and Quiz. It has over 15 different sections in the story. Fan fiction is one of the most populous. As soon as you have entered the section, you can select from several subcategories, including: Fantasy, Vampir, Naruto, One Direction, Harry Styles, Animes and Manga. 3.

First you can activate the box "Only closed stories" in the upper right hand side of the screen. Every story comes with useful statistics to better assess the value, appeal and puzzlement around it. In addition to its length and publication date, you can see how often it has been viewed and how many remarks have been made.

It' a new kind of fanfica site. Second, and most important, fans can make a living with what they have written. When you have written a FANCISH and it is included in one of the objects that you are licensing, you can Submission your work to Kindle World's Self-Service Submission Platformb. Being able to offer fanfiction for sale means that Kindle Worlds does not offer free copies.

However, if you have an Amazon user profile, you can check the free trial before making an outlay. Wattpad, located in Toronto, is one of the biggest online bookshops and one of the biggest free reading resources. The site links more than 10,000 people to a new story every single second.

Fan fiction is not the only genre, but it is one of the biggest. Featuring almost 3 million tales that have been posted and released so far, there's only room for romanticism (almost 4 million, but fan fiction is a sub-category here too). Whilst fan fiction is mainly run by the Harry Potter fellowship, Wattpad is more about fan fiction, influenced by VIPs and comic books.

There' re over 100,000 tales about One Direction. Or you can find the Fanfics about Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift or Zac Efron. A serialised With Your Love is one of the most famous fan-fiction tales and has been widely recounted over 19 million time. AO3 is a non-profit organization for transformative works.

It is a non-profit, non-commercial library for all types, not only for fonts, but also for graphics, videotapes and Podcasts. Random classes are bibliographies, comics, VIPs, films, music&band, TV shows, videogames. You can place the works in more than one random. He is most loved with around 50,000 works, followed by Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and real-person-fixtures.

This site has a very well structured and detailled function with which you can limit the searching for work information (single chapters or not, number of words, language), tag (to which random it belongs, degree of warnings) and statistics (hits, kudo, comments). It' helpful to find the story very quickly - you won't be reading all 45,000 Marvel tales at once, will you?

But you can also look for and browse the tales without being logged in. This site is quite well optimised for your browser, so you can open and view the story on your tray or even a smart phone. There are currently over 220,000 fanfiction articles. Another important feature of Asian Fanfics is the One-shot Fanfics (stories no longer than one chapter).

More than 35,000 histories are included in this section. You can sort your story by the number of subscription, commentary and recommend. The fan fun has nearly 200,000 variations, grouped into six categories: dramatic, general fun, fear, humor, romanticism, sci-fi. Naruto Fanfic tales, with a particular emphasis on SasuSaku, are very much loved by deviantART. Here are some of the most important fanfic tales.

However, the most favorite is Not in Harry Potter, with quotations and words that should be contained in Harry Potter-it is not. There are 161,000 readings and 2,435 remaining remarks. The FicWad is an K&D Lynch-led archives of fan fiction and originals.

This site is currently inbetaware but you can still view the story even if you are not a registrated one. Of the ten catagories, the most loved are Anime (7,708 stories) andelebrities ('14,151). This latter catagory is domiciled by Intelligent Man, through My Chemical Romance, an US based New Jersey outfit.

Online Archive is a non-profit online archive that provides free online and offline libraries of textual, book, music, videos and music. Established in 1996, it has so far gathered over 4.5 million articles in the Ebook and Text Archive alone. As well as downloading and uploading their own content, the web archive enables the user to do so.

The quest has always been a very powerful part of the ministry, and thanks to that I have found over 500 works under the tag fans and/or fans - not only lyrics, but also sound recordings, among them several essays of "MuggleNet Fans Fiction's Audiofictions". Feedsbooks is an e-bookstore where you can find not only top e-book best sellers, but also a bunch of works that have been posted by the site's website visitors to the Original Books section.

The user manuals can be downloaded free of charge. More than 800 fan fiction novels are available on feedbooks. These are Batman, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Narnia. One of the advantages of Feedbooks over other Intelligent websites is that you can simply load the work into a library app or e-reader, as they are available in mobi (Kindle), epoxy and zip-format.

As a Goodreads enthusiast, look no further to explore fan fiction-story. It has over 18 million members, most of whom are people sharing their obsession with reading them. However, even the visitors can tell their own story - about 400 of them are fan fiction.

Twilight, Harry Potter and Naruto are the most loved. Use either Fan Fiction or Fan Fiction tags to get the latest entry lists. A lot of people share the tales they posted on fan fiction or the archives of our own, and some of these tales are in full length.

Others post their story only on Tumblr, and you won't find their work anywhere else. It' difficult to find out how big the Fanf is on Tumblr, but the site gives a new look at it. I' ve been going through the story for some considerable amount of while now, and since Tumblr is mainly about graphic material, you'll find here not only texts but also beautiful pictures and animation in gif.

It is one of 10 large fellowships. You can, however, view the latest contributions in the fandom section without joining in the chant. It can be viewed without being logged in on a computer, tray or smart phone - it works in a webbrowser and it' s very well optimised for small-screen TV.

Histories are categorised by fandoms, genre, characters and tag. Naruto, Harry Potter, Janet Evanovich, Bleach. One very useful tool is how to record a story. They can choose one fan community and the other to find the tales that traverse both world. This site unites those interested in fan fiction, both as reader and author.

There are three main areas: fan fiction, fan art, animes. Directly on the dropdown page of each section you will see an enhanced utility with which you can find the story you are interested in. One good thing is that in this first stage you can select a particular random from a drop-down group.

You do not have to register to be able to view the tales. Fan Fiction, Archive of Our Own and Wattpad are by far the best fan fiction sites to be explored, but other above mentioned features will be a fresh way to find interesting things you won't find anywhere else.

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