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Created by the Esri Story Maps team with Story Map Cascade. You can tell the story of your real estate. The students design, sketch and structure a story that they can create with Webmaker. Cookies are used to provide you with the best possible experience on our website. Ensure that you have published it on the Internet.

Simply select the one that' s right for you, work on its items and begin your journey to your next AHA!

Simply select the one that' s right for you, work on its items and begin your journey to your next AHA! Select a pattern and click on the text and pictures to customize your card. Select from our breathtaking selection of graphic features such as borders, forms and text. Mnemaps can jump from theme to theme, so keep your thoughts organised by colour encoding your designs.

Modify the colour of a twig or text field according to the subject they are associated with, so you can find and link related notions. The addition of visible items such as pictures and illustration can help you to focus more, as they reflect the innate pictorial vocabulary of your mind. Select from over a million Stock Photo files and drag and drop them into the editors to create your own designs.

A brainstorming session with your staff around the globe by incorporating your team's inputs into your mind map desig. It' as simple as a hyperlink to an editing of your theme. Now, your staff can easily view your mind map and create their own editing, thoughts and suggestions from any PC, notebook, iPhone, iPad or Android enabled workstation.

Once you're done, you can easily upload your artwork as a JPEG, PNG or PDF document, publish it to your favorite channels, or send it directly by e-mail.

Create a Webmaker project

Greet the attendees and encourage them to join small groups or a large group. Attendees may be afraid to speak to a large crowd, so don't hesitate to adjust this attitude to smaller groups and do what you think is best. "and the story I like to divide is ______."

I like to be ridiculous and the story I like to tell is about the times I travelled around India and got to know a lot of really nice folks and how she was teaching me some travelling hack. As you invite attendees to think about how they are participating on the web, you should tell them about your own experiences and the reasons why you and/or Mozilla are interested.

One could then say: "Today, each of us will make a hard copy of a story we want to publish on the Internet, with some footage we have here. It'?s about learning how to make for the web and structuring a great story for the folks you are sharing it with."

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