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It is the preserve of engineers and graduates, early adapters who live on AOL, Compuserve and the Bulletin Boards. He explains what the World Wide Web should become. is the first web navigator that can upload pictures and text to the same page. Well, research proposes as many as a third of recently wedded pairs taken for the first time on-line.

However, Tim Berners-Lee has already established the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to ensure that the web remains open. Bill Gates, Microsoft CEO, is sending a memorandum to Microsoft managers titled "The Web Wave". Windows 95 - with a built-in Web Explorer web browsing tool - will be introduced in August to boost sales of accessible personal computers that can browse the Web.

World Wide Web goldrush begins. Netscape's initial public offering in August'95 - followed by the newsmedia - made many folks wealthy. This will help to arrange for an on-line landing. InterNetscape and IE are included in the "browser wars"; control of the gate to the web was the price.

1999 Microsoft is the clear winner of Microsoft's 1999 version of Microsoft Explorer 5 - but the firm is in a cartel dispute with the US Department of Justice following a Netscape appeal. Launched in 2001, the peer-to-peer filesharing services popularizes the popular audio files of MP3s, but is closed by the U.S. county tribunal to stop the illicit exchange of copy rights.

More than half of US homes will have broadband by the year 2000, an estimate of 360 million will use the world wide web - and they are not all inactive. Blogging - also known as weblogs - is becoming increasingly common, with the two-year old web publication services blogger quickly winning support. Broadcasting begins with the messaging site, aimed at new mobile devices.

In 2005 News Corporation will purchase MySpace for $580 million - but in 2011 it will be selling it for only $35 million to a group that includes popular Justin Timberlake. It starts up and lets users talk over the web with a mic. Videocalls for persons with web cams were added in 2005. Launched in 1993 at Cambridge University.

Gmail starts the Gmail web mail services, which offers a full 1 GB of free space (competitors such as Hotmail offer about 2-4 MB). In 2005, three former PayPal staff members made YouTube. Online content-sharing individuals are spawning thousands of virus crackers, memories and VIPs, from the Star Wars Kid to the Doge.

As the spread of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi in cafés and beyond, the public stops to think about "going online" and worries that they are off-line..... Commercial apps are moving from PC and LAN to the" cloud" server, which is often owned and managed by third party hosting providers. As the deceased Steve Jobs called it, "the first fully functional mobile browser", Apple launched the iPhone.

It is the first ever that you have the web in your pockets. "By the end of 2013, one in five individuals worldwide will have a smart phone. W3C releases the first working design of HTML5, which unifies the web publishing community with a single HTML release that includes support for advanced on-line coding - complete with videos - and works across all types of device.

With Flickr since 2004, smartphone image-sharing and its built-in camera is a real hit. With the number of individuals on-line reaching two billion, there are Internet misgivings about safety and data protection. However its now so deep rooted in contemporary living that the issue is not whether humans will go.

Twenty-five years after the advent of the Web, the web fellowship is celebrating a quart of on-line performance. Anyone in the whole planet gets the possibility to transmit via periscope and sea cat on the internet. The number of Facebook users is nearly two billion every month, which means that the number of users of Facebook's network is growing.

Internet gamers are links crambling to identifying what is real and what is counterfeit there.

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