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Sharing your stories and tips with the Eyewitness News Team! At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating a story. Here are some tips and tricks from our editors for structuring your next book. An interview with a source works wonders for your story. Submit news tips & story ideas.

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You should read the story and take notice of their letter counseling. Can you hand in your application in due date? Send in your best letter. Pen and ink: In contrast to a novel, you can create an entire story at once. You can' t follow the game. If you' re drafting the first one, you''forget every rule'' you've ever had.

Don't back down. When you are satisfied with your story, let it breath for a second. Store a new design and re-write it. Revise the story if necessary. Deadline. Review the smallprint and submit your story.

Tips for dividing a story

AYA is being carried out in collaboration with Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children's Boooks. It is the goal of the project to help our service to conduct workshop with kids and family to research image guides and use them as a basis for creativity activities.

Discover the images together and discuss everything you can see - pets, colors, designs, places. Look for anything in history that makes a noise. Engage your audience by transforming the way you communicate. Get storytelling going for baby and toddler. Kids like to join in. Chant a tune you already know that matches something in the images or the story.

Or, use a melody you know well and invent your own tunes about something in the story. You tell them how much you loved the script and they will also! You can ask your kid what he liked best about the story and tell him about your favorite pieces. The Seven Stories is the National Centre for Children's Literature in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Preserving the country's rich patrimony of children's literature, we are bringing originality, art, manuscript and book to live through our museums and our nationwide exhibition, event and learning program. The Seven Stories Learning & Participation Program is a resourceful and multicultural program that seeks to ensure that every student has a story they like and a common learning experiences they will appreciate because we believe that literature changes their world.

It is these early, imaginative experience in exchanging illustrated textbooks and discussing the images that laid the foundation for the self-assured reader of the world.

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