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This is a small display package that gives authors ideas for the beginning or the beginning of a sentence. From this page you can start a story. Write prompts Start a story with the line "She worked underground, which was better than working above. The Narrative Sentence Starter Cards encourage your students to write something imaginative and interesting. Simply write down your sentences one after the other.

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This is a small package of displays that gives authors an idea for the beginning or the beginning of a phrase. Every single leaf of A4 has a record style and an example (or two) of the record. Every movement has an image. Record kinds are e.g. where, when or with whom the plot is connected, brief sentences, iteration, drop-in-clause, 3 activities etc.

PowerPoint with Igniting Writing from Pie Corbett, Sue Palmer and Ann Webley. Igniting Writing by Pie Corbett, Sue Palmer and Ann Webley.....

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That'?s a story about me. I have great tales to tell. Obviously most designations have been modified - to save the innocent(?) - I don't think so! It' to keep me safe! I' m going to add story chapters by chapters.

I hope enough of you will like it when I'm done to put it in press! They' re at the end of every section. And if you reread it out loud, you could say we're going to have oral soon!

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You can use this story start builder to create an interesting full set that could start typing for your magazine or writer's notebook. Push the bottom until you find a phrase you really like. Note this one sentence.....feel free to append words to it or change it slightly if you want...then type the remainder of the story that follows the powerful first phrase.

Writing a poetry! We' ll be adding the best ones to the generators below. The creation of inventive and forceful sentences is a great way to get to know something about intense induction.

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