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Complimentary Windows application that lets you create audio-visual presentations from your photos and images. The storyboarder makes it easy to visualize a story as fast as you can draw stick figures. When you have difficulty working with user stories, you will love this free training. "There is no other story software that offers such integration and efficiency in the story creation process. "Discover the screenwriting software used by the best studios and production companies worldwide.

Photo-story 3 for Windows - Free Downloads and Software Review

It was very simple to work with Windows 10 on my HP EliteBook. If you just scroll or pan and don't change the size while it is paning, the movie looks fine, but I realize that the movie seems to fluctuate all the time when you want to enlarge the picture or change the size as part of the film.

It' a cute little bundle with some good functions for a free application, and on the whole I like it and can use it. However, Foto Story 3 does not have a professionally polished look. Might make a beautiful slide show if it could actually create the movie. 1 ) no wide screen- there is a work-around that distorts the pictures and turns the story into a wide screen film.

2 ) After I spent a long amount of my life to distort the images (for the wide screen workaround) and adjust the movement effect of Ken Burns on each photograph, I found the software completely incapable of creating the movie files (I got the bug "not enough space or memory"). I' ve tried two different computers (win7 and win8) and could only get a videofile after reducing my projects to 8 images (normal images from smart phones and point-and-shoot cameras).

I had a hell of an experiance with picture story and spent a great deal of my spare second. This software felt like it belonged to the 1990s, when the size of the photos was small and the wide-screen mode was unusual. Operates under Windows 8. Although I have seen some 64-bit Windows 8 user, it cannot run.

How to run Window Movie Maker 2. A number of people say it does not run or run on Win8. However, it works on my 32bit version of my computer. Photo-story 3 is working on my window 8 professional - the most likely because I have 32 bits. Although some people under 64 bits of Vista can't make it work.

I don't know if that's right or not, because I don't have 64-bit Windows. I' ve also tried Picture Story 2, which also works under Windows 8 and complements PS3. FotoStory3 works with all versions of Windows Movie Maker,Windows Movie Maker 2. 1.6 and Windows Live Movie Maker.

You can run it on Windows 7 and Windows Vista as well as Windows 8. This is good tidings for Windows 8 customers who want it. Picture Story 3 works on Windows 8, at least on mine. Then, since I have Windows 8 on a notebook, I don't get any Metro applications, which is actually no wastage.

Unable to run on Vista..... It was not installed on my 2 gigahertz 2 gigahertz computer. Get on this is a free routine and it doesn't pretend it can do tasks it can't. I' ve even been able to make it work on Windows 7 because I use it so often!

There''s NO FREE AND IT work! Noone I have done one of these for can believe its been done with a FREE program, one of the best and most used FREE pieces of software I have ever been lucky enough to use. I have made over 2000 photovideos with PS3 - I like it, but MS has never updated and/or enhanced it.

There' s software that allows us to modify the length of all the pictures (this should be part of the program), but no software to modify the effect time and this must be done for each picture only.

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