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We publish practical books on creative independence, covering topics ranging from homesteading to health and well-being. I don't think there are many big publishing sites where you can publish your own startup story! STORY SUBMISSIONS Turn your story into a book. Also we pay the authors we publish. We' re more likely to publish projects that are sent to us exclusively.

Where and how you can post your story shorts

For you, a story that is significant, celebrating and truly intellectual will be much more successful than a story with no technical significance for the writer. When you have a pile of brief songs that you have composed for your own pleasure and that of your boyfriends, you should make them available to a broader view.

I' ve got a dozen ways to do this, from taking part in contests to submission to magazines to self-publication, and I'll talk about a few of them below. If you are a practitioner (like the person who asked the above question), your story must be well-formed, with a beginning, a center and an end.

At the beginning of the story - be it between two personalities or just in the head of a person - there must also be a dispute that is solved until the end of the story. If you don't, your work will be considered as anecdote - perhaps interesting, but not appropriate for publishing as a story.

In what kind of music does the story belong? No matter whether you want to be published in a periodical or newspaper or whether you plan to do your own work, you must have a clear understanding of which gender the story is. When you have composed a sci-fi play, you will have little chance if you submit it to a Westerns newspaper.

And, however well it' s spelled, the reader of "Tales of the Undead" will hardly like your cute story about your cats. You either have to find someone else - probably a journalist - who loves your story and wants to post it, or you have to post it yourself. Nowadays there are several hundred journals, e-zines and websites where you can find shorts, and some of them are paid for professionally.

A good starting point are the periodicals racks of your newspaper dealers. Do you have any literature on the subject of literature? In the UK, for example, there are many women's journals such as "Take a Break", "Woman's Weekly" and "My Weekly", which release a few shortsheets every month - and a weekly compilation of about twenty tales.

When your letter suits this category - commercially in class, with a friendly protagonist (usually a woman) and a happy ending - then it's definitely something to consider. I found the women's story blog: reading, posting, enjoying! of inestimable value for counsel on the subject. When you' re doing sci-fi, phantasy, horror or fictional literature, you'll hardly find a magazine dedicated to these topics.

Attempt to search for small journals that you can order via email order online: You can order an older edition cheap or free of charge. Your work can be published on a website free of charge. A simple way is to create a blogs (see and write a new story every time.

I' d suggest this if you're serious about your typing as it means that you can use your site as a professional-looking storefront for your work. You can also print out your story to reach your boyfriends and relatives - and maybe even more. Much more interesting and catchy than a chocolate gift set, a ribbon of your best shorts could be a nice gift.

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