Story Publishing Sites

story publishing sites

If you publish a story on media, you will have the option to add up to three tags that appear at the end of your story. Are there any other publisher pages that are not on the list? An Oxford-based publisher of literature and short stories; books, novels, short stories and free online literary short stories. Advertise and publish your story map.

Her brand history is a series of moments you want to share with others - live and up close.

Upcoming Authors: 5 New Publication Stages

The times when publishing and supporting your story or poem was a monumental challenge are over. By providing free publishing sites on the Internet, authors can present their work more freely and with minimum restrictions. They write something as ordinary as a tweet, a Facebook affiliate updates or Blog.

Whether it is the latest technical review, opinion on policy issues, or the personalized Bridget Jones' journal, the web has many publishing and authoring forums. Taking up this typing custom, several Web sites were created to provide prospective writers in order to divide their work with the rest of the know.

In addition to favorite sites such as WordPress, Tumblr or Google's Blogger, here is a listing of five current but cutting-edge sites that post and advertise contents for prospective authors. Maybe if you are a college or college undergraduate, you are looking for ways to post and advertise your work. The Campus Diaries is such a forum for students' authors.

"We' re committed to connecting 100 million university graduates, university graduates and businesses around the world," says Campus Diaries on its website. In addition to the write and publishing aspects, Campus Diaries offers an interesting user surface with multi-media features that give it a sophistication. When you want to post contents without being overburdened by the complex functionality of sites like WordPress, medium is a good one.

Created by Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter, Media is a convenient and practical tool if you want to focus on your business and your business. Similar to Twitter's micro-blogging, Twitter allows you to publish pin-size contents quickly and easily. Like most of its equivalents, Media has a vast directory of sites a member can join and use.

Or you can personalize your contents by customizing the layouts and using headings. This is the best way for authors who want to start and start experimenting with blogs. Assuming you've come a long way and want to publish your work seriously, then Wix is a way.

It' a very good choice for authors who want their blog to have the look of a website without the expertise of a webdeveloper. Authors can embellish their web pages with different ways of designing them. It' a widely used by authors who want to build portals of their work.

When you have made progress in producing high-value contents, Squarespacec can help to present your work. There are several ways to create and modify your layout to beautify your work. Any symbol or artwork used to beautify the contents can be used both on the desk top and on portable equipment. It has a very easy typing surface without the various utilities found on most other web sites.

However, they have made a "risky promise" to keep all contents posted on the website for an indefinite period of time, which can be a great advantage for many authors. Hopefully this will give you the opportunity to promote your typing aspirations.

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