Story Plot line

The Story Plot Line

The winning steps to a convincing opening line, scene and chapter. The writing of a story requires an understanding of how the elements of the plot fit together chronologically. Literary or dramatic plot; one plot. However, by writing: "The king died and then the queen died of grief," the writer has given a plot line for a story.

An action is basically an action in a book.

Several plot strands in the story

Composing a story demands an appreciation of how the plot components match in time. A number of storylines have several storylines, making the whole story more complicated. Learn how several storylines work in a story. You probably learnt something about the literary element, including the plot, in secondary schools, or perhaps in the later classes of primary schools.

The plot has certain parts that can be seen in most storylines, such as the exposure, the ascending plot and the highpoint. While you are encountering more complicated works of art, you have certainly found tales that seem to have more than one storyline at the same one.

Let's look at some samples and some explanations why writers could produce several diagrams that are intertwined. Your first thought here is: "Why?" If the analysis of books is already so complex, why should an essayist decide to add to it? In principle, there are two main causes why several plotting rules are used.

In this case you can see that there are several likeable personalities (and several antagonists) that are contributing to the messages the writer wants to convey. The storylines of the individual personalities add to the overall image of the readers (or viewers). One example of this kind of plot is the novel classics by Aldous Huxley, Brave New World.

Or, rather, a romantic partner - because your own loving self is not part of this beautiful new realm. So what does all this have to do with several strands of action? There is a side story about Linda's existence during these years on the reserve when she raised her boy John, who is now a young man.

Readers see Linda's story as the other side of the globe in the town - Huxley's equipment to emphasize his work. When the young man, John, is returned to civilisation, he finally committed suicide because he cannot adapt to the contemporary state controlled enjoyment environment.

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