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The inklewriter is available for iOS, Mac and Android. inklewriter is a free tool that lets anyone write and publish interactive stories. Download a free trial of Novel Factory and see how it can help you develop your writing. Innovative planning that is fun and effective. Several authors have stacks of old "story ideas" documents in their favorite cloud storage.

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IMPORTANT! enklewriter will be shut down in August 2018. It is still available here until the inclewriter is completely shut down: We believe that great authors are needed to tell great histories. That' s why we developed it to help authors tell their story interactively with a minimal amount of effort. so you can focus on the essentials - the essentials. it' a free utility that allows anyone to create and post it.

It is ideal for authors who want to try interaction, but also for educators and pupils who want to combine computer literacy and creativity typing. You can use the inline writer to create the story as you go, branch the story with options, and then link these twigs back together. The system remembers which path you have completed and which still need to be created.

Oh, and it's free to use. Once typed, you can tell your story to whoever you want. Each author needs a reader, and with klewriter you can tell your story to the rest of the planet, because each story has its own distinctive website that you can publish as you like.

In order to encourage new authors and storytelling interactivity, we held a contest for inclewriter film. Measured by a jury of publisher and games authors, the 11 winners are available in the free Future Voices application for iPad and iPhone. In the following we present some of our favorite tales, which we wrote with the help of inklewriters, and collect all our sample-story.

Don't miss the free Futures Voices application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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A series of structural sketches for populare narrative narratives such as mysteries, romanticism and shorts. These storylines are all built into Novel Factory, so you can finish each step, adding your own steps, sorting and mixing into actions.

Download a free test version of Novel Factory and see how it can help you write.

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