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There are conflicts everywhere in a good story. KLICK ON AQUI FOR THE STORY PLANNER. The MAIN SETTING - Time and place in history. Easily create and manage user stories with the Visual Story Map template. Create visual reminders and schedule events with this online monthly planner.

Storylogger {Printable Version}

Much more than just posting your idea on a page and hope that it will be a full-blown game. Before you can actually begin to put your history together, it needs a great deal of work. It will help you think a great deal about all the different facets of the history you will be making.

It' going to be challenging to think about your personality, your environment, the issues and resolutions and the incidents along the way. There' s no need to reply to every individual query - just use it to get your mind going! Make as many details as possible to make your history come alive!

Many of the big ones have a great history to give you a purpose to work towards. Use this scheduler for this purpose.

Storylogger for authors of SCVisuais

Storylogger for Writers is a high-performance application for those who are working on their next novel or script. Design your character, attitudes, story structures and everything else with this application. Storylogger for Writers is a turnkey project for anyone who wants to work on their next novel or script.

You can use the Storyliner to create your own character, attitudes, chapters and actions, and more. It is the ultimative application to plan your history before you write it. They can also reorder everything with drag-and-drop gesture so it's really simple to use. And once you've worked out the detail and texture, you can easily save your work as simple text, final draft, scrivener or simply convert it to Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

In addition, Storylogger provides you with full storyline statistics so you can see whether or not you are in balance in relation to your character, attitudes and szenes. It can be very hard to plan a storyline, but the Storylist Planner makes it simple for you to organise your character, location and scene and export your information.

Now, with our best storyline map and organization tools ever, you can quickly and simply organize your storylines everywhere. Using Storylogger you will: - back up your project and upload and export it via email or iTunes file sharing. - & the most ingenious thing.... GET YOUR STARY STOATS!!!!!

With STORY STATS you will: What are you waitin' for? The Let Story Planner will help you to create better story!

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