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Find out how to configure Jira Software stories (so-called problems). Screenwriting software Plot Screen. User History is a tool used in agile development to describe a software function from the end user's perspective. Looking for intuitive software to create a compelling plot sheet? Text processing software for creating texts with integrated outlining, story development and research tools.

We are an independant private liability corporation located in Berlin, Germany, offering author and storyteller tool.

We are an independant private liability corporation located in Berlin, Germany, offering professional services for writers and storyteller. This authoring feature works in your web browsers (even offline) and will help you to sketch your storyline and work out the drama of your game. You use organization charts in the PLOT-Outliner that represent action incidents on a time line that you order in both historical and historical order.

They enhance these action maps with information about e.g. the persons participating in each action, recurrent motives, points of views, etc. The HIGHLIGHT feature allows you to see their allocation in the total count. This can be used to insulate a particular action, for example. CHARACTER programmer SinglesView will take you through a set of issues that will help you find the drama of your protagonists in the game.

It concentrates on dramatically significant parts of your personality evolution and is subdivided into sections: Refer to the full face in the DETAIL DEVIEW section of the Preemium game. Use the MULTI Per Attributes screen to match and modify your responses to increase the contrasts between your glyphs, which is a great way to find and amplify conflicts in your game.

Do not need us to tell you that the history lives in conflicts. Steps Outline is a function developed to give you a full written disaggregation of your action. This shows you the descriptive text for each slot eventcard in chronological order. Our storylinetelling tool's default features are free, and you don't even need to sign up to start a FREE one.

Prayer issues, e.g. concerning archive types, the relational state to other signs, changes, sizes, etc. Detailil-style previews of personalities and Plot-evenues. DISTRIBUTION DETAIL distribution detail of your steps overview, which includes all of your event related chart information. Study-related issues such as your topic, the main issue and the log line.

Exports PDF files from your charactersheets, plots, crotch contours or the whole design. We' re constantly upgrading the application, add functionality and improve user-friendliness. You can also learn more about the functionality and feature set of the application.

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