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The Story Outline Template is a form of template required for effective story composition. This alone makes this method of writing a story design a league of its own. Find out more before writing your next script design. Example sketch of a narrative essay. This is David's King Narrative Speech Outline example.

Example of a new structure

Section 1: Introducing Sally and Jim. Sally the timid geek became a succesful graduate who was at home during the intermission. Well, Jim doesn't recognise Sally. Then Sally gets furious and stormes away, and leaves Jim, who still doesn't recognise her, behind in confusion. Section 2: Flashback to Sally and Jim's past. She became more serious about her study - she wanted to go to university - and became aware of her looks.

When he made new acquaintances, he began to take less and less patience with Sally. Sally was burnt on the gangway when she heard Jim make fun of Sally behind her back. So Sally chooses to take full advantage of the fact that Jim doesn't recognise her. She' s planning vengeance. Section 3: Sally begins her vendetta against Jim.

Thirty-four: Jim falls in love with Sally. Sally' s allowed to show her new self-confidence. Thirty-four: Sally begins to fall in love with Jim. Started to repent of and ignore her wish for vengeance. Sally' getting to see a more ripe side of Jim. When Sally realises that her emotions have changed, she asks herself how she can disclose her personality to Jim without upsetting him.

Section 6: Jim learns about Sally's real name. So he hears her talk to a buddy on the telephone about the vendetta. A further sabbatical lasts, and Sally goes back to class. Section 7: Sally can't get Jim out of her mind. As usual, Sally goes through his whole day at boarding college, but something is wrong.

Chaptor 8: Jim can't ignore Sally. Sally is beginning to see how wounded he was by what he did in the past. It can' t stop reproducing reminiscences of their infancy and the times they have just had. He' meeting another schoolmate.

In the interview he hears that Sally eavesdropped on him when he spoke ill of her. He also feels culpable for not recognising her. Thirty-four: Jim goes to Sally. Encouraged by Sally's mum and dad, he makes the long trip to theirs. Practice what you have to say all the way there.

Chaptor 10: Sally goes back to her home city. Jim met her on the telephone with her folks. and who Jim saw her with during his visit. They both admit their real emotions, give each other a good kisses and go back to the city - but not before they spend some precious alone quality airspace.

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