Story Organizer for Writers

Stories Organizer for Authors

This cute and easy-to-use graphical organizer helps students write fictional texts. View these eight great tools for starting and ending your writing project. Fortunately we have created timelines at One Stop for Writers. Simply call me Graphic Organizer Girl! You often want to share a document with others as you write - either asking for feedback or making them add to it.

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It is one of the greatest tricky things about novel composition to keep all your information organised. An author can quickly be drowned in a ocean of memos about his personalities, attitudes, global buildings, research and not to forget the storyline. To find the information you need while you're typing?

This can be a challenge if your memos are jotted into a file or jotted down in a journaling. However, with a story binder, your story information is organised and prepared so you can devote more of your writeings and less of your search for your notices! I' ve been through the whole file and notebook stage - and let me tell you something, I've been a real muddle.

I may be an hours or more before I found the memos I needed for a particular sequence. I could have used to write this part. I' ve redesigned my memo system and made the Story Binder (and I' ve rescued my mind). What's so great about a story binder?

You have all your memos in one place. Browse through a notepad trying to track information won't help you remain organised. Do not browse through files with lost memos. Simple, fast lookup of signs, adjustments, plot and more during the write. If you need to look up something while you' re typing, you can do it without having to go through a pile of paper or leaf back through your story to find it.

When I first began using this system, preparing and organising my books became a hundred fold simpler! I not only had simple write in touch with my memos, I was also able to evolve my character and story much more quickly. I have prepared myself for a scientific career after many attempts and mistakes and I know exactly what it takes to create a story of success.

What do you find in the Story Binde? I' ve made 10 cover art and 6 different coloured tabs/partitions so that you can design your folder as you like!

Because it' a one-time electronic file, you can select the best sized worksheet for you and save and reprint as many as you need for more than one story. Have a look at the story folder I made for my latest novel! Will you be prepared to organise your novel for your own personal benefit?

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