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Website for the creation of stories

Story Generator Cube - rapid fire games with storymaking cards. We are pioneers in the development of VR Storytelling with industry talents from all over the world. Beginner or expert, make more videos today. Share your story with short films that are perfect for sharing. New Zealand for more good things.

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Publish digitally allows you to publish your pictures of events, e-cards and e-books, tell a story, store works of art, make a Babyjournal..... eStorytelling is ideal for the inclusion of Step ortem, learning languages, learning interactivity, verbal literacy, joint typing, scripting, class work, yearbooks, "how to" video, joint kernel sessions, eLearning, webinars, on-line teaching....

If you are a child, you will find that your child loves to use their own artwork, their own language and their own thoughts to make a picture album. It' simple to get your child involved when they can paint and tape their vocals on line or with the iPad! Simple enough for a child, multifaceted enough for adults: make a story to divide a holiday, present a particular occasion, submit an e-card, make a story, history of annual activity, make a prescription album?

You can access and customise your own K-6 interaction sessions that are linked to Common Core. Style pads, text and speech capture make it simple to have a good time with education at school. If you are making a story or unit, why use pictures? Share your own photographs to make truly one-of-a-kind works with your own signature and work with our style pads.

You can use it as a podcast to teach your audiences with your own voices even when you're not there. The possibilities are infinite with dictation machines both for teachers and for students' responses and stories! 1 Make or load your work of art onto each page. 2 Capture your voices and text to each page.

3 Send your completed books to your relatives and acquaintances by e-mail.

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