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In order to create a story with fixed phrases. Enjoy this fun Littlest Pet Shop online game: The LPS Story keeps coming back! Increase the fun with the LPS Story LPS online game! Product details for the Story Maker.

The Cartoon Story Maker

Open, work on, view, pre-view, print, store and more. Frames section: Dragging and dropping elements here to assemble any framework in your story. Enlarge, turn, flip, or erase pictures. Frames: Use the integrated dictation machine to record your own speech. Create your own wallpapers or wallpapers.

Create 2-D whiteboard storylines to visualize conversation and dialogue. Storys can contain an infinite number of fields and are displayed one by one. Every box can contain: Pictures: Easily add your own libraries to the border or upload your own snapshots or pictures from the web.

Just pull and place on the framework and off you go! Vocal recordings: Use the easy-to-use record field to record new voices. Or you can include images already stored on your computer. Histories are stored on your computer as HTML pages (web pages) and can be displayed by others on any computer with a web navigator such as Internet Explorer.

You can also print them. Finished histories can also be reloaded into the Story Maker and added or modified. Instructors can create animated cartoons to create linguistic and culture based scenarios. They can be used by the student as a motivating and rewarding way to practise their linguistic knowledge. Developed with a clear emphasis on the application of linguistic education.

It' simplicity of use with basic control elements means pupils don't need to waste as much and as much effort on editing them. Pupils can enter text or add their own vocal recording within a few moments of opening Cartoon Story Maker. You can: look for cultural pictures on the internet and use them as a background for a story in the Cartoon Story Maker.

They can put themselves before real cultural images: they can think that they are really there! Instructors can use: Cartoon Story Maker in other disciplines! To use cartoon stories: as a media for student typing in a number of modes: conversational, storytelling, persuasive or informational.....

In order to run and set up Story Maker, your computer must meet the following requirements: Speak to your IT team about how best to deploy the application in your institution. If you save a comic-story, a new directory will be opened with the name and storage place specified by the owner.

You can open this to see the story. A' data' directory containing all supported files: - The folder "media" with all pictures (jpg, gif oder png) or speech recording (MP3) used in the story. The IT system of some colleges prevents pupils from storing these documents. Contact IT to determine if your Student can store these items in their directories on the machine.

Failing this, it may be possible to build a new directory without these limitations, where pupils can store their game.

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