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The StoryMaker is a mobile open source application that enables (citizen) journalists to create and securely exchange stories on their phones. Make a fun story with LEGO Friends. Buy a professional account online. The AXMA Story Maker Pro features. Create three scenes of a story with Seuss characters, backgrounds and your original text.

StoryMaker: Do your history great

The StoryMaker is a open code reader that allows (citizen) reporters to write better storytelling and safely publish it to their cellphone. You can download the free version from the Google Play Store. The StoryMaker suite is a combination of editorial tools, safety and a self-learning programme on the subject of media content to enhance the story on your hand.

The public do not always take their camera with them as story tellers and reporters. story maker allows humans to grasp, work on and to divide it with the world." A series of tutorials are included in StoryMaker to help you get up to speed with the fundamentals of writing great storytelling.

Here you will find lectures on the topics of journalists, safety, storytelling, sound, photography and film. These manuals are written by various journalistic experts and provide everyone with the skills to produce high value work. It' an advanced application that lets you easily and proffesionally manipulate your videos. Fundamental storylines are powerful, and with a minimum of skill you can produce high-profile articles.

Once you have finished your storyline, you can tell it to the rest of the planet. StoryMaker application can be published on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud, the Internet archive and your own personal server. We' re working to support more platform within StoryMaker so we don't have to miss your work. Or you can send your histories to your mobile phone or to any Android application.

There' s a whole universe of thrilling applications to help you create your own compelling stories, but StoryMaker is one of a kind. This will teach you how to make your storyline great, with storyline themes and instructions, and help the viewer see why certain recordings work for different uses. StoryMaker is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Launched in 2012 as an application to help citizens' writers create a story that everyone can associate with, it now provides information on the message delivery industry in an impartial, concise and up-to-date way.

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