Story Maker App

The Story Maker application

This is an amazing application that is very useful for both home and classroom use. Build fantastic stories, document exciting adventures, create valuable image maps and much more with Super StoryMaker! Like the Martha Speaks TV show and website, the Martha Speaks Story Maker app was developed to expand oral vocabulary. In this video you can see StoryMaker, the leading application for social stories. You can download the app by simply taking an iPad and downloading Storymaker for Educators:

Hand-On: Using the StoryMaker application

StoryMaker for Android allows citizens' writers around the world to create and share high-quality video on their mobile handsets as securely as possible. Here we show you how you can use StoryMaker. First search the app by looking for'StoryMaker' on the Google Playsite.

After you have the StoryMaker app up and running, you can browse between the items by simply click on the icon at the top of the game. Under' Settings' you can make network and safety adjustments, activate the Arabian language and modify the medium adjustments for your sound and VCR. Scroll down to view the full text, scroll right to move to the next page, and touch to proceed.

Choose an option and then click on the "Answer" tab. The StoryMaker also includes a vocabulary to help you keep up to date and make yourself feel like a musician. The StoryMaker app also supports citizens' media professionals in recording high-quality videos. Click on the symbol of a camcorder in the menue.

You will see a useful instruction on your monitor that indicates that you should take a person's picture at this range and location. When you click on the above picture, StoryMaker opens your phone's standard mobile device with your movie on. Keep in mind that you want to take pictures from a panoramic or panoramic perspective, as shown here.

Continue and make a video by following the instructions above! As soon as you finish capturing, StoryMaker guides you through capturing a detail scene to show something remarkable about the characters you recorded in the first one. Touch the picture of the bouquet to begin taking the picture.

You will see a useful manual on your monitor, which is a manual input on a keypad. It is a recommanded removal and a recommanded operation; here you can fire what you want. When you press Stop, you have the possibility to store or cancel your movie. If you are willing to work on your movie, select'Order' at the top of the page.

Use the scissor symbol to adjust the sound. When you are happy with the sound, click the colored or" Publish" buttons at the top of the game. They can describe and publicize your story. You can currently share your videos directly from StoryMaker on YouTube or Dropbox.

Audioghistories are released in SoundCloud. Hang in there: Storymaker is planning to incorporate more resilient release methods such as Facebook, Flickr and other forums.

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