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Hi, I'm the storyteller. I' m here to help you write your story! An automatic short story generator. Select a few keywords and we will automatically create a short story in seconds. Create your own story by selecting your favorite character and combining it with a background of your choice.

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Here you can make your own history. If so, select a fairytale narrative, a nightmare or a sci-fi tale. Waiting for the storyteller to download, then reply to the question - select your character, words and places or type your own! The narrator will'make' your own stories - you can also reprint them!

This is my favourite plz make more plz matches like this! where is the next buttom? CaptainRap3000, I'm sorry, but these titles do not work on cell phone or tablet, so you may not be able to see the read or the next one.

When you use a notebook or computer, you should be able to see the world. Oh, I like every kind of history!

Stories Generator

Would you like to quickly create an individual storyline? Select a stylistic, opening and way of completion, name your personality, select a few words and we will create a storyline for you. Is your main actor Stuck for a name? Test our charactername generator. So what does the second person want from the main characters?

What does the second person think about the main characters? What did the main actor think about the place?

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I' ve had the honour of writing a screenplay that made it into the TOP 10 of the Cannes Screenwriting Competition. I' m always working on new materials, or I can make a screenplay from your history or notion. "Lucy Gray Agency" reached the semi-finals of Screencraft Pilot Launch Competition and The Fade-in Pilot Competition!

Story Creator - Easy Story Book Maker for Kids on the App Store

"That is the storytelling world! Storycreator makes it easy to make wonderful Storybooks with your own photo, video, text and sound in a wonderful tool. Bring your best storylines to live and allow you to tell and rejoin your best time. Storycreator provides a magic way to experience your own images, video and experience with your loved ones.

Story Creator lets you capture, store and split your favourite memories. It is this urge to make a big or small impact in your lives. Really, it is our way of living, because we want you to be our client for a full-lifestyle.

After I had fun making a storyline, I found that I couldn't make an accountfor it was not possible to split the storyline or more. It is a great application to record small living occurrences as tales. Use this at home to make small notebooks of birthdays or holidays with my kids to be sent to grandparents who weren't there.

And I use it in the classroom - the children make their own records of experimentation, sporting event etc. Proof! So the only excuse why this doesn't have 5 star is that I had trouble posting the finished story on Facebook. Until six members of the families can use this application with activated sharing.

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