Story Ideas for young Writers

Ideas for young authors

You will find hundreds of stories to inspire you. So, if you have no idea what kind of novel you want to write, read it first! In my opinion, fan fiction is a great opportunity for young and new authors to explore the craft. Or if you prefer, sit back and let us write a short script or story for you. You can use them for journals, story starters, poetry and more!

Story-Ideas - Story-Starter

"I enjoy the Essentials of Poetic Authoring e-mail course." "a simple, nonsensical elementary course in poetics at a decent price." "It was a pleasant surprise to me to see the standard of teaching and I think it was very useful in bringing new ideas and prospects into my work.

I' m sure I'll return often to check them out during many of my upcoming work. "Thanks for a course that promotes literacy in the sense of Excellency. "It' been a wonderful trip for me to be able to respond to your e-mail classes.

This I hadn't done before I took your schooling. I' m planning to attend another e-mail course, either the 8-week description course or the new poetic course." "Thanks for arranging this course. Not much I have much in the way of working two papers, but I do the ten-minute practice with each lecture and each night and try to get used to it.....

What do you do to organise your story ideas?

"I' " is going to sign a teenage writer's novel. A number of authors sent me an email last months to ask me how to keep an overview of stories. Up until recently I never had a good system to organize my stories. Things I might write up or I might just stick it on my corboard, but I didn't have a system for attaching to or working out story ideas.

I' ve gone through the portfolios on my computer and found that I've put my ideas everywhere. I sometimes had a whole story ideas file that was no more than one phrase. Some ideas were in a paper entitled "Blips of ideas". "Some were in papers within the category of their genres.

Stage One: Build a place where you can catch your "blips" of ideas. "These are not full books. Although I think better on the page, I want to follow my ideas on my computer because I write there. So, I made a Word document called "Story Ideas" and saved it in my write directory.

On the first page, the title is "Blips of ideas. "Stage Two: Build a place where you can make an ideas come true. As soon as a story is more than just a few phrases in my mind, I give it its own page in my story ideas document: Where" Story-Idee #1" is written, I put everything I need to refresh my mind over the concept.

I' m using the "Headline" function in Word so I can see the clever navigator on the lefthand side of the game. You can see from the picture that I give myself a place to take down possible songs, to work on a set of hooks (i.e. If this and that happens to my leading actor, they have to do this to do that.

Occasionally my ideas even come to me as a backcover copy, so maybe I begin there. Or, sometimes, all I have are general thoughts about the story, like the subject or a characters name or something that the characters might find near the height of the story. Every thought I have, I record.

How long does a story move from the concept to its own one? Once I begin to write the script. Usually I don't begin to write a story until I have an imagination of the first line and how the opening sequence should proceed. As soon as I begin to write the story, the volume gets its own file.

I' ve got a "Writing" file on my harddisk and then the tales are either placed under "Young adult" or "Adult". Probably there are as many different manuscript organization schemes as there are writers. There is a write directory in the memory device, and there is a directory for every serial concept, including every work.

I' ve also got a rack of boxes with all my ideas/cards/character pictures etc. labelled with each name. Not for every single suggestion I have a directory and a computer to use. Computer data is just for the ideas I began to type. However, I have portfolios of all the ideas I've begun, plus a dozen ideas I haven't written yet.

The only thing I like is ideas coming to my mind. I' ve got a directory on my computer desk top named WIPs. You will find Microsoft Office documents in this directory. A few are just ideas and some are just ideas.

When I have a story I want to work on later, I try to open a Microsoft Office document and download the ideas. The most I get story ideas during church service and I will scrape them out in a newspaper as soon as possible, but if I don't re-type them on my computer when I get home, they are gone.

I' m opening a new file for every new volume. This is the directory where I saved all my stuff like characters name, erased sequences, early sketches, synopses, suggestions, etc. But it doesn't suit my style, so I can't prioritise it right now.

but I know there are some loopholes. It' a much more difficult notion than I thought, so I'll give myself some slack. That' s how I keep an eye on my story ideas and keep them (a little) organised.

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