Story Ideas for Teenage Writers

Ideas for teenage authors

Start with one of these story starters and see where your imagination leads you. The teenager who has to choose between two very different schools. As a teenager, my favorite movie was The Breakfast Club. Usually I get the ideas for characters before I make up a story. It' part of a series of posts that will give you tips, tricks and dirty little secrets that will help you pump up your plot and make your story an irresistible read!

Go-teen writers: Combine story ideas

An author sent me an e-mail to ask myself: "That's how I began a pile of'novels', but I'm running out of things to tell for this story. Would I be able to mix them or should I just make the remainder of the story when I can't think of anything else?

" That is an awesome issue and I think it is something that all authors - beginners and experienced writers equally - can like. You' ll get the sparks of an ideas - a precept, a name for a person, a perfectly opening line - and you' ll be enlivened. That'?s your best thought! I have to get out of school now and make this story?!

You' re writing a few pages or a few sections and then your inspirations wither. Be it because the thought that seemed clear in your mind is a little darker on a piece of writing, or because you referred to the thought to your older brother or sister and she crumpled her nostrils, you start to dissociate yourself from the work.

Until, at last, when the next big brainchild comes, push aside your initial script to follow up this new story. Whilst it is of enormous value to write a novel from beginning to end, and while I think that you as an author will thrive more if you write a full novel than a couple of pages, there is certainly a place and period to put aside work.

But I know my notion isn't big enough for a novel. Your initial intention is to help you create unanticipated links in a script, but I think it might be a lot of pleasure to try a few scripts and see what you can think of. Note down 10 of your novel's protagonists (or a pair from each of your books if you hope to mix some stories).

You can also record your book's 10-ish preferences and 10-ish plott levels or eventualities. You' re going to make one for each one, so one could be "Jamie" and another could be "the Diner" and another "Rose's Sixteenth Day party". Many of your ideas will be crazy and too "out there", but when I do this practice, I always go away with a fistful of strands of action that I can do.

Collect your ideas Making Sure your ideas is great enough, as always, if you have written queries, you' re free to mail me.

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