Story for Story Writing Competition

The Story for Story Writing Competition

Make sure you have read them in full before entering the competition. and we celebrated the amazing writing of all our children during our writing holidays. Moleskine notebook for future stories. Details of the John O'Connor Writing School Short Story Competition. Aim is to sponsor an annual short story competition open to all TDT-funded secondary schools.

and the victorious shorts.

First Cambridge Short Story Award is now open for contributions. We will have a £1500 award pool, a Cambridge award, and all short-listed authors will be featured in an artwork. prices: 1000 (1.) 300 (2.) 200 (3.) & Cambridge price with spill the inks. prepublication: anthological publications for the winner and short-listed authors.

Their first novel, The Whores' Asylum, was released on Fig Tree (Penguin) in February 2012. 2, et The National Flashless Anthology 2017. He' s also a feature film critic, has sponsored several feature story and FLASh- projects and is an associate editor at The Word Factory. Joanna's shorts have been featured in a number of literature journals and manuscripts by Cinnamon Press, Spilling Ink, Earlyworks Press, Unbound Press, Sentinel Publishing, Gumbo Press, The Salt Anthology of New Writing 2013, the Rubery Book Award An anthology 2013 & 2014, Bristol Shorts Story Prize an anthology, and many more.

If necessary, placed, short-listed and short-listed authors will also be named.

Kurzgeschichten-Wettbewerb 2014

Take a look at the winners' stories: See the first of An Alien Captain's Sporty Experience videos! Short story contest is over. More than 600 interesting, thought-provoking, funny and sometimes tragic tales with a shared theme: sports. We' ve been reading all the tales and the judge had to make the hard choice to pick the best.

Because we have had so many histories, we have chosen to divide this competition into two different groups, according to age: 12 years and younger: The best design in this category: dasha bastamova's bicycle sketch, Russia. 13+: Best design in this category: Ivashina' s painting of a saddleback, Russia. Both of the collection of shortshts will be put on line in October.

A lot of folks like writing! That' s why this year we are organising a writing competition on the subject of'sport'. The competition is open to all: young and old. Whatever your linguistic proficiency, we challenge you to put on your writing hat and hand in your story!

If you are more interested in writing than sketching, you can also submit your best sports artwork. It is also possible to submit your story and your artwork at the same adress. And the best artwork will be on the covers of this competition's collections of shorts! What is your favorite sports? So why not make a brief story about it?

For example, you can talk about sport such as soccer and swim, but also about mountaineering, ski or pedal. So you can post about a winner or someone who is travelling around the globe to see his favorite sport character.... anything is possible as long as it is a work of fantasy! Whoever wins the best story (1 post) wins an eReader.

The way the competition works: The writing competition is open to individual students and schoolchildren of all age-groups. We would like your story to be sent to us in a Word file containing your full name, your residency state, your e-mail-adress, your date of birth, the name of the college (if applicable) and of course your story. Submissions must be sent to with the subject'Short Story Writing Competition 2014'.

A jury will pick the 10 most imaginative and inventive contributions on the topic of "sport" from all the contributions that have been made. From the 10 chosen tales, the jury will also pick an overall champion. At the end of the competition, all entrants will be awarded a personal certification of attendance. We kindly ask you to please review our conditions of entry as they contain important information about the competition.

To get started, please feel free to use our writing creativity. Are you interested in brief storys? Take a look at these Perfect Shorts and Perfect Sport Reads. We had a writing competition for culture readers last year. Take a look at the winner's contribution to Ukraine and let yourself be inspired by writing and painting.

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