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StaryTop is a free application that allows students to create cartoon-style stories using a simple drag and drop interface. Each story is unique and choosing the right layout is a long road. The video and story you want to tell is unique, so you can customize your storyboard as little or as much as you want. Create and store social stories directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. "That's the story," he said.


There are many applications for the creation of storybooks in the application shops. Most of them offer interactivity such as audiocomment. Storycreator is one of our favourite applications for this reason. Pupils can make a book with pictures, sketches, texts and a long comment.

It allows pupils to adjust the words they have spelled to the sound so that each and every one of them is emphasized as they are reading. The Story Creator also has a very easy and student-friendly user experience that reduces the amount of study required to learn the game. With the new proprietary release of the award-winning bookmaker application, you can create image collections, videos and more.

There is still no charge for the older one and the newer one is only $1.99. The Story Creator allows different ways to tell a story. Pupils can use either an artwork, a videoclip or a sketch on each page. You will then insert a text which will be followed by an comment.

Stage 1: Open the application and touch the Append button to generate a new album. Search the histories that have been written on this machine. Stage 2: Touch the "i" symbol to customize the information in the books, which includes the titles and covers. Stage 3: Touch the eBook to open and generate the first page.

Stage 4: Touch the cameras symbol to insert an item from the Photoshop or use the Pen utility to choose a colour to paint an artwork. Stage 5: Touch the upper and lower case icons to insert text. Stage 6: Touch the mic symbol and then touch the little round button to capture the spoken comment.

Stage 7: After you finish your recordings, Story Creator places the words you have typed over the heads. Hear the sound and place each of the words above its climax. Stage 7: Touch the Append button within a page to generate a new page and redo the operation. If you have created the pages, touch the sharing button on the top page of the screen to save the album.

Adapting the words via the sound level can be very sensitive. Direct the pupils to walk slow and be tolerant when setting the words over the tops. Pupils must also be provided with earphones to hear their stories with care. It can also record other pupils who record their own sound data in the back.

Spread your pupils around the room and alternate to keep a clear sound. CSTC is a free software available from the Apple Store. Storycreator Pro is available for $1.99 from the Apple App Store. Get it now. Heubach is the Institute of Innovative Community Learning an der University West Florida.

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