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The Story Creator application

Then, select Snapchat Story for the project type. Technology Standard Knowledge - Apply the technology to the delivery of standards-based instruction. The OOKS Story Maker App allows children to make decisions, create drawings and create stories. I' ve bought some fonts, including the two in the story on the top right! Learn more about Movie Creator, the photo video producer from Sony Xperia.

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Storycreator App - Built by is an app for iPad and iPhone that will be free for the next 48hrs. What are you gonna tell me another story? Storytelling applications can be used for many pedagogical, therapeutical or societal goals for each pupil, but for pupils with specific needs it can offer the possibility to modify/adapt class room or IEP-oriented curricular missions.

Considering this enormous - no longer the search for an app (out of 700,000 - yikes!) for contents, but the customization of syllabus material on a single students portable unit. In general, here is what storylining applications can do: The Story Creator app offers a few different features in comparison to some of the other storyteller applications I've used.

It' also created by the people of the Mobile App, who are a trustworthy resource, providing epic assistance and great customisable education applications for aspiring students. Here are some of the functions available in their new app: Further functions of the app: This is an example of a photobook I quickly made with photos of a student using Visual Commons or Google photos for a sensorial story:

The Story Creator app was simple to use, but some attempts were made to send a story from one machine to another. I' m not really good at browsing some of these functions on Facebook. After a few attempts, it was transferred from my educational iPad to my iPad (maybe it was the larger version of the files that took longer?).

I' m asking Mobile Innovations for directions for transferring files that I couldn't find on their website or in the app at the moment, perhaps because of their recent release. I really like one of the functions of Story Creator is the capability to make and save as many story as I want and save or copy them to another one.

You can also transfer it to your iPad and iPod Touch, not always the case with all applications that tell a story. I' m also finding it increasingly important to research the workflows of an app along with the app's quality when I'm thinking about writing a story or activity for you.

These are the work flow requirements, how can I split, how many can I make, can I make it for printing, how simple is it to split it with others to get it on the students device(s)? But the fact that you can only make 5 volumes in the app won't help my students.

Some applications also lose sound when it is transferred to another sound source or equipment (a very important function for many pupils with specific needs!). The Story Creator app's astonishing properties include the capability to pronounce the text you are recording words for words. It was surprisingly intuitively and easily edited, and I'm usually not so good at editing and editing music.

Storycreator is a great application, but here are a few things I would suggest to make it even better: Though you can save the story on-line, I would like to see a lockout function in the app to allow moving finger control over it. A free, easy-to-use storytelling application that enables and facilitates the distribution of sound, text, pictures and videos - not something you would normally find in a free or inexpensive application.

Of course, as usual, Innovative Mobile Apps has provided another very useful application that allows you to customize contents for pupils with specific needs.

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