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The Story Builder application

Get StoryBuilder for iPad and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As an individual application or as part of our MES speech therapy package. The Story Builder uses visual prompts to help users create an original story. Developed by Mobile Education Tools, Story Builder is one of the best-selling reading applications for the iPad. The StoryBuilder: literacy, apps, ela, iPad.

StoryBuilder for iPad on the App Store

The Story Builder is developed to help kids achieve the following learning goals: 1 ) Improving sales development; 2) Improving the inclusion of notions; and 3) Improving abstraction at a higher levels through inferrence. The comprehensive use of audioclips supports the improvement of auditive processes in pediatric patients with autistic spectral disturbances or sensorial workings.

The Story Builder provides a lavish and entertaining setting to enhance the story creation skills. TheBuilder is part of The Builder Series of award-winning learning applications. The Mobile Educa-tion Store was awarded over 40 applications and was voted EDU in 2011 and 2012.

is a member of Moms with Aps, a collaboration group of family-friendly development professionals who want to support applications of the highest standard for children and homes. I found this app very useful as the parent of a kid with ASD (verbal). Both of us really loved the story and the possibility to talk and react with the images and question.

This app seems quite simple, but it will help to build vital abilities for all elemental kids, but especially for those with ASD. I' d like this application my girl and I used to sit and listen to the question that is not oral, so I needed resources for responses, then I took up my vote to make our stampy, she liked because the story was our humour and soundeffects. would like to see a multichoice page on it so all recescour to hand.but will help with answering questions und imagination. moreover, it is very useful for our family...

iPad Story Builder

I' m not sure how I didn't miss this app until recently, but I'm glad to have the Mobile Education Store Story Builder on my iPad now! As it was published in 2010, the Story Builder was recently upgraded so that you can post your own pictures for storylining. With a Mobile Education Store app, one thing I can always rely on is a wealth of ways to adjust game set-up.

Step one offers several words to begin a phrase. In the second layer, the number of words is decreased. At step three, you only see an existing picture or one that has been loaded from your own archive, and then you have to make a story. You can also choose on the setting window whether the writing prompts for the history should stay "on", "off" or "intermittent" for the read.

On another page, you can use the same option to choose whether or not to bravely emphasize the writing issue. I' ve just presented this app to a nine-year-old who's working on answers to your queries, structure your phrases and tell your story, all of which can be accessed in the Story Builder. Here is what the creator has to say about the Story Builder:

The Story Builder is developed to help kids achieve the following learning goals: 1 ) Improving sales development; 2) Improving the inclusion of notions and 3 ) Improving abstraction at a higher levels through infertility.

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