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All The Beloved Ghosts is a collection of short stories by Alison MacLeod. Books, children's literature, YA fiction, adult literature and poetry. When you feel that you need to write this story because children need to hear it, you will end up preaching to your audience.


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Winner writer Children's book writer

Prizewinning writer, dramatist and prolific cheater since 1988. Browse extracts from his stories from the mid-range and young adults or take a look at the forthcoming shows Marty will be at. Would you like to become an writer? Look at his clues. Would you like to attend his fun reflections or inspirational write shops and residences?

Handle your storyline like a videogame. A good author reads as much as he can. Are you looking for more typing advice? Attend Marty's tip page for typing advice, quick inspiration and much more - especially for children from kindergarten, teenagers up to the age of 12. Do you have to encourage a hesitant author?

Marty has over a quarter hundred years of fulltime literary practice and opens up the mysticism of written creativity into hands-on inspirations that you can then use.

You' re in loving romanticism and you' re thinking about your perfect marriage.

You' re in loving romanticism and you' re thinking about your perfect marriage. They like fairy tales, travelling to distant lands and fine clothes. They know the value of having a happy story and are detail-oriented. Do you want the best, most wonderful marriage memory you can find - your very own personal book of loves? Our aim is to build a relationship with each and every customer and to know every chick and bridegroom by name.

You can be sure that confidentiality is essential and we do not share your tales with anyone but you. We' re there for and with you and document your whole marriage event in the most personal way: through words and trusting teamwork. That makes collecting tales much simpler.

We' ll get together with you several time before your marriage via Skype or Facetime. We' re proud to serve our demanding customers by offering them expressive lovestories, gorgeous handmade vows, bespoke reminder stalls and outstanding client services, from Raleigh, North Carolina to Dubai, Hong Kong and anywhere in between.

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