Story Book Review Format

The Story Book Review Format

Have these characters changed in the course of the story? You think the author had a special reason for telling that story? The Samantha Berger snail mail is a playful and instructive story. This author tells the story of a series of events, mostly in chronological order. A good fiction should offer an appealing story told with freshness and originality.


Gabrielle Balkan's Book of Bones is captivating, funny and different - great as a present or for the schoolroom. Chosen as one of the best new photo albums in March 2017, Peter H. Reynold's Happy Dreamer is this month's best-selling photo book from our partner shop. It' s Not Jack and the Beanstalk, by Josh Funk and illustration by Edwardian Taylor, is a great supplement for any children's lib.

The Samantha Berger snail mail is a fun and instructive story. Reading, reading and reading is an exhilarating story about a young woman, Liv, and the satisfactory miracles of the lexicograph. Chosen as one of the best photo albums of 2017, This is How We Do It is this month's best-selling photo book from our partner shop.

The Story About Friendship and Autism is a soft book on the range of autisms for youngsters. MAYBE GOD IS LIKE THAT TOO is an outstanding supplement to a child's bookcase.

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I' ve been changing the way I review books over the years. I' m just doing a short cover story about what I liked and didn't like about the book, and that's it. I then found Goodreads and found that there was much more to read than I thought. So I took the main parts of a book and put them together in a review - storyline, character and pen.

Now, I'm doing it a little differently and I've added more to my review. I have six parts in my review - book covers, first thoughts, plot, characters, writing style and overall a reason. I' m talking about the book and my thoughts about how I like it and how it matches the story itself.

That book jacket is the first thing anyone sees. You say you're not supposed to be judging a book by its jacket, but.... come on, we all did it. On this page I tell you why I purchased the book or why I chose to study it (if I get a free copy). I' m talking about what fascinated me about the book at first sight.

I' m not summarizing what occurred in the book, but I am discussing what I liked about the story and how uniquely the story made the action the style in which it was composed. I' m saying my thoughts about how well the writer has done the work. It' s people who are driving the story and in my view are the most important part of a story.

This section discusses the protagonists, the antagonists and all side actors. I' ve been talking about which of my personalities I liked and how well they have evolved over the course of the story. Books are only good if they are wellritten. This section on typing styles tells you how well the book has flown, the tempo and excitement, as well as the POV and the length of the book.

That is the bottom line of the review. This review is not the only part of the book review. I' ll tell you how I got the book before I start writing my review and show you the book title with pub. date and time. I' ll put in the book abstract and then I' ll dip into the review.

After the exam I give the grade - I use a 1-5 grade line. Then I' ll put in my favourite quotation from the book, which can be a fun line, a line I've noticed for some occasion, a great bit of describing or something inspiring.

I will then finish the review with purchase references to the book and a biography of the authors, if available. This is the best way I've written my book review and it works for me. What do you do in your book review?

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