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Fortune Teller and Other Shorts Works is a compilation of novels by Nanette L. Avery. With more than thirty narratives ranging from brief lightning to richer ones, this compilation draws on a shared topic of mysteries and intrigues, with powerful feminine narratives..... Here I must be honest: The first line of Converted, The Meantime Storys (No. 2) by Svingen and Pedersen immediately frightened and fascinated me.

This is the 4th book in The Meantime Series by Vegard Svingen and √ėyvind Skogly Pedersen. Gustafson's last few minutes of his lifetime, after his elk collided with his elk in Canada, are full of memory, regret and appreciated times with his..... Neurose by Anthony Carinhas is a gripping story about the great passion between Christian Wall, a solicitor, and Gregory Collins, a high scholar.

It is a romance..... Spouting the spy is a very good story I'd like to know more about. The After the Thirty Days is a novel in the fictional style of Christendom. Composed by Susan M.B. Preston, the novel is a guide to the Apostle John series, which examines the tests and sufferings of A. D. Church in the first millennium.

It is in this centre that a historic love affair of Regina Puckett lies. Tales: Book 2 is a compilation of Patricia Flaherty Pagan's work. He is an writer, a writer, a writer and a schoolteacher. Maeve' s Iife was limited by things to be scared of. With The Purple Hair is a romantically illustrated story by Isabel Scheck.

Alexandra Layland's Windflower saga of Novella gives us an idea of many of the figures who may seem short in her show about the mythic realm of Cimbria and the Ansgar lineage that had such a big role in the rule of the war.

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