Stories that need to be Written

Tales to be written

and you have the right to publish it. Every author needs some inspiration from time to time. They have a written text that you can use as a starting point. He says: "Stories are found things, like fossils in the earth. That's what brings a story to life.

Someone' s Already Written A Story Like the One You're and That' s Okay.

Will you tell them not to take the trouble, because there was already a loved one with the same premises? Had it been the early 1990', you might have prevented J.K. Rowling from creating her Harry Potter franchise, which was inspired by Ursula K. Leguin's Earthsea triology.  Harry Potter is much different from LeGuin's classics, and it is much more common now, but none of these things would have been apparent before the Harry Potter book was authored and out.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's great appeal, not to speak of the emergence of L.J. Smith's young adults' serial The Vampire Diaries, has also not stopped Stephenie Meyer from her Twilight film. Guess she's happy she did it. We authors sometimes care a little too much about tales with similar assumptions as our own.

The Bible says, "There is nothing new under the sun," and that was long ago. Now it' even truer. There are some legends that I believe are deep in our shared non-conscious. Magic weaponry, revival, demons, faeries or "little people", changeling bellows, spirits, epic quest-playing and other items appear in tales all over the world.

Certainly, common histories permeate people's awareness of culture. Sometimes I listen to a author talking about wanting to make a totally unique tale.... and then I describe a fad I can't even think someone would like. That doesn't mean you can't do something weird. And that's good. When it comes from a shallow wish to do something that shocks or to show how smart you are, it will probably not work.

I' ve already mentioned how good it is for a novelist to know his own style so that he understands how his history matches, and so his history is not exactly like everything else out there. Apart from that, when someone or even a group of people does something quite similar, it is no cause for desperation or giving up work.

When you already have a low note as a novelist, you can overstate how similar your history is to that of another. This can only be a mirror image of your feelings and self-esteem at the time, and not a legal matter. But if you come across a history that is really similar to yours, that's fine.

This is the universe's call to go deep into your own hearts and get more out of those things and things you have to say to really make your history your own.

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