Stories for Story Writing

Tales for writing stories

Teenager opinion: to praise poetry writing. some-infinities-katie. Don't make the mistake of calling short articles short stories. So what's a short story? Being a writer, I prefer to ask: What can I do with the short story?

Each story has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Students' Tales

"Elise Alden's first novel Elise Alden (my pseudonym for modern and historic romance), held three series. "Favourite newscast is that it was recorded within three or four working day after its launch in Amazon USA, Canada and Australia's top 100 charts of all romantic literature sales and is still there, almost three fortnight later.

The overall rating of my first album was also amazing, among the top 100 to 500 of all Amazon titles on sale, also in the UK. That' s a great performance for me because I was expecting my rankings to go into the hundred thousand or million and I am overjoyed.

"Alden' s second novel, Pitch ImPerfect, is the first in a string of five and its planned date of launch is October 20, 2014. "Three bids were made for my third novel (and first in a trilogy), Black Hole Bounty, by Sienna Bronwyn (my pseudonym for outercover and romantic speculation).

Publication is planned for August 19, 2014 for the e-book and December for printing. I was given the necessary skills to start my first novel." "All I wanted to say was that since finishing the course on novels & shorts, I have been working on a weekly play for The Dalesman and recently I have also taken two shorts for a weekly women's journal.

Winner Tales

We had a marvellous choice of unbelievably uncommon tales this year, and it was a delight to have them. Jigsa and Clown, our winning artist in the comic, is out-of-the-ordinary. It' not a light reading, but, like the best shorts, unveils more with each new reading. The descent is one of the more uncommon tales we had; it needs a little time to penetrate it, but it is full to the brink with the African atmospheres and images.

A very impressing work, Man Walk's into a Bar. Seldom will you see a play of flash fiction that gets so much into such a small area. Sweeping into what the best flash fiction does, En Suite binds a whole relation to a whole photograph in a whole snap shot in a whole tag when the limit is attained.

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