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Capture and communicate learning through photos, video, audio and observation in a secure online environment. A few of them are from well-known books, others can only be found online. See and order tickets and season ticket prices online. Finding a library, renewing and reserving books, using online resources. Architect NOVA Online presents Pyramiden - The Inside Story.


Capture and share your studies through photographs, videos, audio and observation in a safe online world. Get immediate feed-back and explore new ways to enhance children's unparalleled interests and skills. Constructed under the direction of internationally renowned professionals and top graduates, for teachers who focus on high value work. Encourage a continual, coherent study trip for each and every one.

90% of couples said they now had a better grasp of their child's growth. Optimize evaluation and reports with unrivaled insight. We have been able to concentrate on what is most important to them. Encourage ongoing lifelong vocational training in your own teaching staff mix. Demonstrate how observation supports your plan as a group and with your family.

We are here to help you every stage of the trip, with committed engineering set-up and on-boarding, instructor development and prioritized client service. Increased emotive endorsement - greater confidence and commitment, important in transition. Flexibility and affordability for early intervention. Free-of-charge for the family.

Web User Histories | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Some of the following disability related histories of web users illustrate the impact of barrier-free access and the overall advantages of barrier-free web sites and tool. As a colour-blind person, Lee comes up against obstacles when doing online business. Leeward often purchases online and sometimes finds issues with Web sites and applications where the colour contrasts of text and pictures are insufficient and where the colour is used only to indicate mandatory boxes and retail pricing.

Leeward has better experience with online contents and applications that use appropriate contrasts and allow him to customize the contrasts in his web browsers. See the following for more information about how to implement technologies that eliminate leeward barriers: When you can't use keystrokes alone to navigate Web sites and other online contents, Alex has trouble.

It often meets web form that do not have keypad equivalent. It is also sometimes hard to jump over contents and browse to parts of a web page without using many keystrokes, which is very strenuous and restricts the amount of comfortable working hours. Alex's employers have developed several user-defined work environments as a transitional solution that offer him keypad assistance for the use of the company's in-house CMS, with the aim of implementing enhanced keypad assistance that will be beneficial to all employees in the next version of the application.

To learn more about how to implement technologies that eliminate Alex' hurdles, see the following resources: Currently she is a freshman again and attends online higher education classes. Martine has, however, come across obstacles when subtitles are not added to videos and other multimedia contents. Recognizing the need and need to deliver labeled and transcripted audiovisual contents, the uni now works with a labeling vendor to label all contents published on the uni website, complete with all course contents in educational managment sys-tems.

Besides accessing the contents for hear impaired or hear impaired users, the college has found that the use of image signatures and transcriptions offers additional advantages. Scripts make it easy to create multilingual sub-titles and enhance the ability to index online music.

The enhanced indexation enables better SEO and better findability of the university's online contents. WCAG rules guide the provision of labeled contents at the school. To learn more about how to implement technologies that eliminate hurdles for Martine, see the following resources: She' s the head bookkeeper of an insurer that uses web-based documentation and paperwork via a proprietary web site and, like many other blinkered computer user, does not use Braille.

She uses a monitor scanner and a cell telephone to connect to the Internet. As well as its Screenreader and its cell phones availability functions supply it with information about the operation system, the application and the text contents of the unit in the from. As it accesses Web contents, the monitor scanner loudly displays the structured information on a Web page, such as headlines, table columns and line titles, lists, links, page control elements and more, which allow it to better browse the page, fill in and transmit information and gain information in an efficient way.

If Ilya has trouble with web pages that are not correctly encoded and do not contain alt-text description on pictures. The pages are not navigable and take a lot of effort to navigate from top to bottom without using navigational instructions. Ilya is a member of your organisation and offers online staff trainings through the use of videoconferencing tools, documents, slide-sharing and chats.

To learn more about how to implement technologies that eliminate Ilya' s barrier, see the following resources: PRETY's schools have recently begun using online digitized text books. At first, she was concerned about using this new style, but with the use of text-to-speech text highlighting the text on the monitor as it is read out, she found that it was easier for her to concentrate on the contents rather than on each one.

Doc-O-Matic's text-to-speech solution is also useful for other online texts, but Preety's expertise with web pages differs widely from site to site. While some web pages use images and images in a way that will help them concentrate on the parts and contents they would like to see, other web pages have a great deal of advertising and animated contents that are very annoying.

It also has trouble with online contents when there is no clear navigational clarity. It finds sites and applications that offer a variety of navigational options, such as a toolbar, a seek field, breadcrumb paths and a site map that are much simpler to use. Preety's Schule also uses a new online catalogue with enhanced access.

To learn more about how to implement technologies that eliminate preety related obstacles, see the following resources: He was shown how to make text larger in a web page, which works well on many sites. If the text does not flow again when it is magnified, he will encounter difficulties, and he will be compelled to move back and forth to view the magnified contents, which means that he will lose sight of his place slightly.

It also has CAPTCHA image issues, which can be found on many online and offline content pages. To learn more about how to implement technologies that eliminate Yun related obstacles, see the following resources: Usually he purchases his food on the same markets he works in, but sometimes he is puzzled by the large number of products available and sometimes has trouble locating his favourite articles when the shop design is altered.

Recently, a buddy showed him an online food purchase application with a uniform, easy-to-use menu with clear and straightforward directions. Now Luis uses the buying application a few days a week for frequent shoppings and periodically shops for a few new products from the shop where he works.

See the following for more information on how to implement technologies that eliminate Luis' barriers: Cheeseem is a teenage boy who is numb and recently became lawless, which means she can only see small parts of a monitor and see text when it's significantly magnified. The Kaseem uses: display magnifying softwares to increase the text on web sites to a proper text file format; display reading softwares that display text on a refresh-able Braille display; a large computer monitor with high definition and high luminance (brightness).

While Kaseem uses the online platform for local transport to schedule her journeys and see timetables for buses, she faces difficulties if she magnifies the text and it does not flow or encircle correctly, making it very hard to use the cards. He found the web team's contacts on the local transport website and sent a note to the local transport staff to inform them of the issues they had experienced while using their website.

To learn more about how to implement technologies that eliminate Kaseem barrier, see the following resources:

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