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TextingStory Chat Story Maker on the App Store

Image & GIF support: Get the "Add Images" buy! Allows you to post calls like any other texting application unless you can change pages by crossing the messages area to the right or right. It is also possible to click on the character name. Video is speeded up for a consistent and quick results!

F: Nothing happens when I click on the "Create Video" tab, what can I do? F: How can I change between chatting in a group? and then click the "Buy" tab to go to the Buy screens. You can buy the "Add Images"-In-App from there.

Un-locks drawing images, the input area symbol of the cameras and the possibility to insert images into the input area. Q: I don't see the writing area in the video, why? After you have done this, make sure that "Show typing" is enabled in the preferences. One thing that has been bothering me since I launched this application is how much room it occupies, not the application itself, but the video!

I' ve taken out over a hundred images and 50 or more video, that's one big why I don't use it so often, it's still a great application in general! Also, I have a dilemma with how long it took to get it to my iPad, my iPad was at 20 and when it was loaded, it was at 5!

It' a great application, the price is fine, but the download ing and the amount of room it needs is the only thing wrong with it. Recently I got an iPad Pro for Christmas and a Smart Keyboard with which I am writing this test report. Smart Keyboard is attached to iPad with solenoids, so no recharging and no connectors are used.

However, the application doesn't alter when I turn the iPad to use my keypad. Hello, in order to join the character group in a LONG chats you need to click on the name at the top of the top of your home page, it will give you the character selection menu for ? Requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

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