Steps to Writing and Publishing a Book

How to write and publish a book

Implementable next steps for authors like YOU. I' ve recently published this article. Who are the authors who write the books you love and which are similar to your future book? Now you are ready to enter the game of writing and publishing. Books you publish yourself can't make it to these temples!

Where to self-publish a book: 14 easy ways to do so

Mike Kowis holds a bachelor's and two legal diplomas (including an intermediate legal education from Georgetown University LA ), practises as a Certified Public Accountant, is a university lecturer and has so far written two volumes - ENGAGAGING CANCOLLEGE STUDENTS; A FUN AND EASY GUIDE FOR CANCOLLEGE PROFESSORS and the volume 14 STUDPS TO SELF-PUBISHING A BOK.

There are fourteen stages to which Mike refers: Step 1: Finish your script, STEP 2: Establish a new company to self-publish and promote your work, STEP 3: Buy a domainname for the website of your work, and design the web pages, STEP 4: Buy Bowker ISBN numbers, Step 5: Request an LCCN number from the U.S. Library of Congress (for printed works only), Step 6:

Request a dealer bank with your favourite shipowner, Step 7: Build a online publishing site to advertise your books, STEtep 8: Choose where and in which sizes you want to publish your books, STEtep 9: Rent a pro design studio to make your covers, STEtep 10: Rent a freelance graphics artist to help with formatting the inside pages of your printed text and/or converting your script into an eBook, SITUATION 11: Buy an edited copy of the text long before you start, SITUATION 12: Post your text file to the distributor's website, SITUATION 13: Sign up for your text.

S. The Copyright Office within three month after the date of release and lastly MARKETING YOUR BROCHURE within one year. Mike explains each of these stages in a way that makes each trial seem easy - and this is of course because Mike "has done this before" and also knows a lot about the publisher industry, as well as the law.

In the end of the different stages he gives some very precious pro hints, which are already alone already deserving of the prize of the book! Mike then meticulously reviews the cost of authoring, self-publishing and advertising and complements his instruction with the lesson he has learnt from his own experiences - again useful hints and advices for newcomers - and how to get into the new lives of a self-published author.

When Mike concludes his instructive volume, he says: "Just go through the 14 easy stages above and you should be able to release your volume yourself in about a month or two. Following my 14-step paradigm, you should be expecting to pay between $1,500 and $7,000 to build, release and commercialize your professional-looking product through its first 90 workdays.

And if you're like me, your presentation of the books will be a very worthwhile and fortunate one.

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