Steps to Writing a Story

How to write a story

The feature stories told in the third person merge the factual side of news writing and the artistic side of storytelling. Choose a topic --- what is the story you want to tell? Check out the list of suggestions or brainstorming a few of your own. You love to read stories. You love to see stories on the big screen in multiplex.

The three steps to writing the story you "need" to tell

How about looking at your own lives as a story and every dialog in a textbook? It is my belief that tales are touching the consciousness, that they are an essential part of our interaction with the other. SECOND STEP: Creating fellowship. Being a recent graduate trainee in an MBA programme in the field of writing, the workshops and discussions in a writing group have been of inestimable value to me in order to learn how to effectively engage with an audiences.

It is not only in school or university that this fellowship must be there. The use of a platform or media is of inestimable value when it comes to establishing a fellowship around you, but also to create a writing or writing fellowship in your town, or just to integrate into an existing writing group. Intuitively as it may seem, I think it is one of the aspects of this communal area.

When you are interested in writing in a particular category, please see reading within that category. Identify three or four other individuals who have shared your interest in writing and start seeing them on a regular one. Offering your story to others. Sharing our histories with others, we become proactive players in the global community and contribute to a greater history.

It is an act of intensive fragility. When our history correctly incorporates the consciousness of man, it provides a prospect that can change the ways our worlds work. Humans need to listen to our histories because they give others the possibility to be healed. Histories provide changing cultural prospects. Lettering gives the individual the possibility to develop compassion.

When I write this, I want to urge you that your story is really something to tell, whatever story you want to tell. But these are some steps I have taken or am beginning to take as an aspiring author. These steps, I see, work together and must be implemented immediately.

She is the creator and publisher of the up-and-coming literature journal Phoenixmoth, which is currently receiving contributions on new genres and the fine arts. The Jamisons " and the YouTube television station she set up to report on the passage of her family into a small life. Writer of the TulsaKids Journal's "It's Simple" blogs, she has appeared in Flash: The International Short Story and The Pitkin Review.

She' s in her last term at Goddard College's MFA in Arts Writing programme.

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