Steps to Writing a good Story

Ways to write a good story

In many ways, they're right. We must therefore learn to merge action and character seamlessly. Take a good one and you won't put it down until you're done. Reading a book together is a good starting point. Composing a summary is also a good way to test your story before you actually write it.

Stage one:: Choose a history, any history.

Composing a biography of a memory or auto-biography is a tremendous, mind-boggling job that takes lessons, even whole-day years. It can be very easy to make a tale, like shampooing your head. Just three easy steps: Choose a history, any history. Keys to stage one is to make one history at a while.

Do not try to spell in order. Choose an unforgettable experience from your CV or just any memorable happening. So what is the beginning of the tale and how does it end? Use your own voices and your own styles to tell what happend. Don't try to be a "writer".

In fact, you can completely jump over the part of the script and just tell the tale in a flute and transliterate it later. You just tell me what just happen. Please type a few sentences or a few pages, but it doesn't have to take long. Only long enough to tell the whole thing from beginning to end.

Select another reminder and do it again. Writer and writer William Zinsser has made this part of the entire creative work so beautiful that I will only cite it: "I've never seen anything like it: How do I know it's a narrative? This past week-end, during a memorial meeting, a lady bought me some of her work.

It was worrying that what she had wrote was not really a "story" because she was not really a "writer. Describing an audition she had in a small city shortly after completing her studies. Though she had described it as "not really a tale, just something that happened", what she told me had all the features of a good one.

Interviewing her in a small city she had never even seen before proved to be a central point in her Iife. In the end she got to know her husbands and stayed there for many years. So I had to persuade them that this was indeed a good and interesting tale.

There was a beginning (trying to find this small city on a map) and an end (happy to the end of their dreams). There were interesting details (what the city looks like) and general emotions (shy and uncertain, amazed to find oneself employed, nervous). This, my mates, is a history.

Do not think that what you are writing is not history just because you are not a "writer". You just tell us what just happen and let it go the way it is.

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