Steps to Publishing a Book

The steps to publishing a book

That may not come as a surprise to you. In order to publish a book, you have to write it first! Compiled by Mike Kowis, told by Greg Douras. Here is a proven four-step process that will help you bring your book to market. Learn the way to publishing on Barnes & Noble Press to see how easy indie publishing really is.

Key steps in the self-publishing process

When you have a good plan for a good read and a good literacy level, you can publish a professional work and make it available to the people. It is a self-publishing operation and is an active participation in it. In the following, the most important stages of the self-publication processes are described. Your nature of the work, your temporal and budgetary involvement and the publication processes used will influence the order and timing required to carry out these key steps:

Create a fantastic concept for your books. Investigate the concept to ensure that it is fully sustainable as a full-length work. Incorporate your own publishers (if applicable). Select a self-publishing options such as off-set print or Print-On-Demand (POD) and then rent apr. or publish. If required, request an ISBN, copyrights and other book-specific information (this can be done for you, according to the publication processes you select and the companies you work with).

Specify the binding rate for your work. Choose a release date. Create media material for your books. Planning and implementation of a wide-ranging PR, sales and publicity campaigns. Create a website to advertise your books. Start with the advance sale of your books (the advance sale comprises the dispatch of media material, the promotion of the books to the distribution partners, the setting up of bookstores for the sale of the books, the placement of advertisements, etc.).

Get your books cataloged by your local dealer. Share the product with your customers, bookstores, resellers and resellers (as needed). Promote and market your product while you take orders.

publication steps at a glance

So you want to release a novel. As a first steps towards the publication of your Essence books, you can order a free copy of our Prospective Author's Guides. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you realize your dreams of being a featured writer.

Stage 1: Hand in your script. Copywriting is accepted in almost any text editor or lay-out software, e.g. Wordperfect, Quark, InDesign. Either you can write a diskette and ship it with a printout of your paper or you can post the electronic data for submission.

Stage 2: We shall proofread and rate your script, and if it is approved for publishing, we will provide an impressum and finalise a specimen design and return it to you for verification together with a copy of your work. Stage 3: Return the filled out and duly sign the agreement and we will start working on your work.

Stage 4: Your eBook is allocated to a editorship. We' ll get in touch with you as soon as your projects are allocated and then help you with every move. Stage 5: We process and set your books and create your covers. Both you and your team leader work together to make sure your books are finished on a highly qualified team.

A printed copy of the text and the title page will be sent to you for your permission. Stage 6: This is your opportunity to make changes and authorize the overall picture of your work. After you have submitted and accepted all changes and fixups, you can start printing. Stage 7: Your books and covers are fit for printing!

The prepress staff will carry out a final review of your books and prepares all the data in order to guarantee the smooth running of your work. At the 8th step: Your product goes into print. When you request an e-book, it will be generated from your authorized work. We will deliver your books!

All your ledgers are finished and send. It is recommended that you plan your letter start three or four week after your shipment date. Stage 10: You can buy your copy on We will complete your e-book and upload it to Kindle, KOBO and the iBookstore (if applicable). We will also prepare and ship your product for worldwide sales (if applicable).

Stage 11: The writer is selling the book personally, through lectures, etc.

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